Holiday review by Ms. Miriam Muzzell

Name: Ms. Miriam Muzzell

Date of trip: 02/06/2018

Number of people: 2

EVERYTHING- no complaints at all. We loved Costa Rica - amazing landscapes that are SO varied - you are in a completely different place within a short time as it is a small country with such varied environments. People were so proud of their country and always very friendly- we just walked along the road and strangers called out Buenos Daos to us as they cycled past. Amazing to see the variety of animal & birdlife in its natural habitat - we were lucky to glimpse clearly, due to our great knowledgable guides, sloths, howler & c monkeys, kingfishers & perfect little hummingbirds nests with babies in them etc The cacophony of noise- including howler monkeys, cicadas, agoutis charging around, a cockerel & other noisy birds plus the ocean is an amazing memory. It did rain at some point every day except one and there was thunder louder than I have ever heard, but that in itself was amazingly memorable and the deluge of rain was so warm! The hanging bridges trip was full of wildlife - spider monkeys swinging & playing above us - I have no great head for heights so it was right out of my comfort zone,particularly when I clutched a prickly caterpillar as I hung on to the handrail on the highest bridge, but the views were amazing and I loved it! We will never forget the Guachipelin horse riding trip - we had never ridden before and my leg shook uncontrollably and most embarrassingly as they put me on the tallest horse (remember I have no head for heights!) and our cowboy guide led just the two of us through foothills of the volcano and the greenest forest you ever saw with yellow butterflies following us all the way to beautiful waterfall and back - I loved it!

  • Hotel Presidente lobby


  • Twin room at Hotel Presidente


  • Park near Hotel Presidente


  • Breakfast at Hotel Presidente


  • Shawandha Lodge gardens


  • Shawandha Lodge gardens


  • Shawandha Lodge gardens


  • Lomas del Volcan


  • Bahia del Sol pool and gardens


  • Standard room at Bahia del Sol


  • Bahia del Sol on Potrero Beach


  • Yoga class at Bahia del Sol


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Tribes Overall:

Exceeded our expectations- we had a fantastic time.

Tribes Service:

Excellent service - Paul Cook was great - emails & phone calls were always replied to very quickly and helpfully.
Accommodation was well chosen and perfect for our requirements.
I wouldn’t have chosen the Hanging Bridges or horse riding trips as they took me right out of my comfort zone as I have no head for heights and had never ridden a horse - so great that Tribes chose them for me and I ended up loving both!
Very sadly, due to a sudden family bereavement we had to cancel our January 2018 trip at last minute, then re-booked for June 2018. Paul Cook was very helpful - making life easy as possible by providing us immediately with all necessary insurance claim forms and helpful information.


Inter-bus was an impressive network of mini buses and a great way to travel around Costa Rica - always punctual and friendly - drivers even thoughtfully turned up English World Cup commentary on radio! The local ground handler on the Caribbean Coast is to be recommended - so well organised we booked a second trip with them and were lucky to have the same guide Eder - very knowledgeable & passionate about the Caribbean coastal area and provided amazingly juicy pineapples as snacks!
Hanging Bridges trip was great - our guide Froy was fantastic and we saw so much.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

Liked the way organised trips included donations to environmental/wildlife ie. national parks, iguana sanctuary etc.
Bahia de Sol politely asked us if we would like to add a small charity donation to our room bill, which we were very happy to do.

The places you stayed

Hotel Presidente lobby

Hotel Presidente

Costa Rica

Friendly hotel in great central location with yummy breakfasts - particularly the fresh omelettes.
Suited us perfectly as we could easily walk around the city and felt we made maximum use of our limited time in San Jose.

Shawandha Lodge gardens

Shawandha Lodge

Costa Rica

We LOVED our lodge and will never forget the cacophony of wildlife around it or laying in the hammock listening to the rain.
Swimming pool surrounded by huge foliage was gorgeous & we went in every day.
Beautifully presented bowl of freshest fruit for breakfast was yummy & French owner & all staff made us feel very welcome.

Lomas del Volcan

Lomas del Volcan


Great bungalow with amazing view of volcano.
Friendly receptionists said ‘ you will love your room’ and they were right.

Bahia del Sol pool and gardens

Bahia del Sol

Costa Rica

Ideal for chill out time, but also easy to explore local area.
Beautiful small beachside hotel which was ideal for us.
All staff very friendly and helpful.
Icing on the cake for me was the Yoga class - I went each morning and loved it! Breakfast staff were so helpful that they let me have coffee & fruit before Yoga and the rest of my breakfast after!