Holiday review by Mr Bernard Catterall

Name: Mr Bernard Catterall

Date of trip: 04/03/2018

Number of people: 2

To be honest, pretty much everything. We loved all the normal tourist stuff in the 'Golden Triangle’. The Taj is justifiably the high point. Especially at dusk. Varanasi was very though provoking. We were lucky enough to get an upgrade at Samode Palace and stayed one night in the second beat room in the place. Absolutely amazing. Would recommend considering paying for that (otherwise expensive) e perience if at all possible. Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve was awesome. Had 23 different sightings of 16 different Tigers in 9 drives!! Often very close encounters too. Can't imagine a better trip.

  • Maidens Hotel gardens


  • Pool at Maidens Hotel


  • Oberoi Maidens Hotel


  • Samode Palace


  • Samode Palace at night


  • Samode Palace pool


  • Barwara Kothi


  • Fountain at Barwara Kothi


  • Suryauday Haveli


  • Kings Lodge main deck


  • Tiger near Kings Lodge


  • Firepit at Kings Lodge


  • Kings Lodge sundowners


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Tribes Overall:

Great tailored holiday wher everything went exactly to plan with no hitches at all. Couldn't ask for more. Highly recommended.

Tribes Service:

Paul's support before the trip couldn't have been better. Responded fast and effectively to all contacts and reorganised things quickly and effectively after our agenda had to change.


All guides great and very committed and enthusiastic. Particularly, the guide whoaccompanied us at the Taj Mahal. Made a magical visit even more so with an encyclopaedic knowledge of both the place and the people involved.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

Our trip was never too outlandish and we felt our holiday was helping support local communities who relied on tourist money. At Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve it was often the Eiropean and US tourists pushing for fully ethical treatment of the Tigers (ie leaving them alone when too many jeeps were around). Seemed like we were setting the standards, not the indigenous tourists. Ended up quite proud of our fellow visitors!

The places you stayed

Maidens Hotel gardens

Maidens Hotel


Great room in a very 'colonial' Hotel with excellent facilities. However, location is not ideal, requiring long drives through mad traffic to get anywhere - especially to/ from the Airport. Would stay nearer the Aurport next time.

Samode Palace

Samode Palace


Amazing, fabulous, brilliant, exceptional and magic. That do!

Barwara Kothi

Barwara Kothi


Certainly the least grand place we stayed in but it sufficed for a short stay. Location very near noisy flyover and not much to do (walking wise) in surrounding areas. Like staying in someone's house - which is exactly the point of an Haveli.

Suryauday Haveli

Suryauday Haveli


Right amongst the Ghats at Varanasi with a Ganges-facing room. Excellent location. Loved this place and Varanasi is very thought-provoking. And beautiful by river.
Normally you'd say 'just the place to eatch life go by', but in Varanasl's case, its to watch both life and death go by. The Ganges cremations are not morbid at all. Fascinating amd very dignified.

Kings Lodge main deck

Kings Lodge


Magic place with lodges spread out in the forest within easy reach of the Tiger Reserve entrance gates. Staff couldn't have been more helpful. Food excellent and evening taks/entertainment also good. Highly recommended. Great Guides for the drives too.