Holiday review by Mr. David Starling

Name: Mr. David Starling

Date of trip: 01/03/2018

Number of people: 2

Hotel on beach was fantastic. The place we had Family room 1 could not ge better. I suggest you should always try and get this even though it may cost more

  • The Seyyida Hotel


  • The lounge bar at The Seyyida


  • The Seyyida accommodation


  • The Seyyida reception


  • The beach at Pongwe Beach Hotel


  • Cottage at Pongwe Beach Hotel


  • Infinity pool at Pongwe Beach


  • Pongwe Beach bar and lounge


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Tribes Overall:

Amazed at the history of Stonetown.
See below


First guide around Stone town walked very slowly and seemed more interested in GETING us into shops and reading info on walls . The same guide who did the forest walk seemed more energised although again he walked very slowly

The places you stayed

The beach at Pongwe Beach Hotel

Pongwe Beach Hotel


See above.
The beach and view exceeded anything we hoped for. Best beach place ever.