Holiday review by Katharine

Name: Katharine

Date of trip: 27/12/2017

Number of people: 2

Our highlights were the houseboat trip and the tour of Tamil Nadu. The houseboat was so beautiful and calm, it was lovely to watch life on the shores of the backwaters and the tour of Tamil Nadu gave us the opportunity to learn about daily life for local people

  • Bedroom at Waterfront Granary Museum Hotel


  • The view from Waterfront Granary Museum Hotel


  • Waterfront Granary Museum Hotel lobby


  • Dining at Waterfront Granary Museum Hotel


  • Kerala Houseboat


  • Piloting the houseboat in the Kerala backwaters


  • Watch passing traffic from your Kerala houseboat


  • See shrines and temples as you cruise the Kerala backwaters


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Tribes Overall:

This was a great trip, really good variety with some excellent tours included. We felt that we really got to see the diversity of Kerala and gained an appreciation of its people, culture and landscape.

Tribes Service:

Very helpful and knowledgeable, we had all the support we required


The guide we had in Tamil Nadu was the best we have ever had, he was excellent, really knowledgable and had really thought out the day to give us the best experience possible.

Our driver was really good, very professional and not at all pushy which was refreshing

The guide in Cochin was good and showed us some interesting and different things however he took us to an awful restaurant for lunch, planned the day badly so that we didn’t get to see the basilica and was very keen to finish at 2.30 which didn’t feel like an all day tour.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

On the trip to Tamil Nadu we visited a market and the guide gave us money to buy vegetables from the stall holders, it was a great way of interacting with people rather than feeling like an intruder. We also went to a kindergarten and he had purchased sweets and biscuits for us to give to the children.

Aanavilasam was very environmentally conscious

The places you stayed

Bedroom at Waterfront Granary Museum Hotel

Waterfront Granary Museum Hotel


The staff here were welcoming and friendly, the food is fabulous and very reasonable. The rooms are lovely but we had very noisy rooms (near reception and the kitchen) which I wouldn't recommend. Really nice and different Hotel.

Kerala Houseboat

Kerala Houseboat


We had a great experience on the houseboat, ours was very comfortable and could be enclosed at night which meant that we avoided getting bitten. The food was freshly cooked and was good but very repetitive if you are doing more than one night (we did two nights), drinks are also very limited, water and tea only.