Holiday review by Mrs. Sylvia Butterfield

Name: Mrs. Sylvia Butterfield

Date of trip: 02/11/2017

Number of people: 2

I'd been on a very similar safari a few years ago but this was a new experience for my son. It exceeded all his expectations ! Some special encounters include a lion and lioness walking past our vehicle, a young leopard up in a tree which was quite oblivious to our presence, seeing a group of lion cubs very close to us, watching impala with their newly born and of course, watching elephants having mud baths ! We enjoyed flying in the small planes and arriving at tiny airstrips in the middle of nowhere !

  • Aerial view of Chobe Bakwena Lodge, Chobe, Botswana © Chobe Bakwena

    Aerial view of Chobe Bakwena Lodge, Chobe, Botswana

  • Mokoro ride with Sango Safari Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana © Sango Safari Camp

    Mokoro ride with Sango Safari Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana

  • Bedroom at Kanana Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana © Kanana Camp

    Bedroom at Kanana Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana

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Tribes Overall:

Wonderful Accommodation ! Excellent meals ! My son who travelled with me has Coeliac Disease and he was catered for extremely well. We saw lots of wildlife with the exception of Rhinos. There just weren't any !

Tribes Service:

Wonderful choice of camps. The whole holiday was pretty amazing. Many thanks for arranging the Gluten Free meals for my son ! Tracy was very knowledgeable.


All our Guides were very good but 'Owner' at Kanana was outstanding ! He is very knowledgeable, easy to understand and we felt completely safe with him when on drives and staying out in the bush for one night high up on a platform with just a mosquito net for protection ! He always found the best positions for us to take our photographs. All the Guides were punctual, drove well and were keen to please. They were very professional and strictly followed all the guidelines.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

The local people are very friendly at all the lodges. We had amazing welcomes throughout Botswana with singing, trilling and dancing on our arrival at each place. I found the Guides very professional and considerate to the animals at all times. The staff work extremely hard yet they always managed a smile. Their attention to detail is remarkable whether it's a carefully placed flower on the loo roll, a folded table napkin or a cleverly folded towel resembling a bird ! Kanana Camp relied solely on solar energy and there was always plenty of hot water and reliable electricity.

The places you stayed

River room at Chobe Bakwena Lodge, Chobe, Botswana © Chobe Bakwena

Chobe Bakwena Lodge

Chobe National Park

A fabulous place to stay with indoor and outdoor showers. Great care was taken to provide my son with his Gluten Free diet. The staff were knowledgeable about diets and care was taken to check labels. The gf. alternatives and especially the freshly baked bread was delicious. It was wonderful being able to get some washing done for us but we were limited to 4 items each ( no underwear or socks ! ). We had a wonderful welcome on our arrival with singing and dancing and cold wet flannels each time we returned from a trip. Free bar on local wines.

Exterior of guest tent at Sango Safari Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana © Sango Safari Camp

Sango Safari Camp

Okavango Delta

Another camp with a wonderful welcome. We even had singing and dancing before dinner which preceded an interesting introduction to our menu for dinner ! Freshly baked gf, bread and cakes, wraps and pancakes were available for my son. All alcoholic and soft drinks were freely available ! Tea and coffee available too any time. My adaptors didn't fit the plugs but we were able to buy an adaptor, probably left behind by someone, and it was a great help. There was a choice of sockets too, so helpful !

Guest tent at Kanana Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana © Kanana Camp

Kanana Camp

Okavango Delta

A great camp ! Excellent service and a wonderful atmosphere. We had a very spacious 2 bedroomed family tent, a beautifully designed bathroom with 2 wash basins and 2 showers, one inside and the other outdoors. We also had a large balcony with a view over the water where we watched elephants and hippos. There was no limit on the amount of washing and we were able to get everything washed including underwear and socks which nowhere else offered to do ! The meals were very good and once again gluten free options were available for my son. The sleep out in the bush was exciting though we were rather nervous. An excellent camp for bird watchers especially from a Mokoro. ( boat )