Holiday review by Jeff Webster

Name: Jeff Webster

Date of trip: 16/10/2017

Number of people: 2

The trip was very much about absorbing the ambience of the African bush. By staying in small campsites well away from human habitation we were able to experience the awe of this amazing habitat. The special experience just has to be the moment a male lion came into camp one night as the diners were having coffee by the campfire before retiring to bed. The lion knew we were there as we were a group of eight people and not talking quietly. A sudden noise attracted the attention of our guide and a torch shone into the dark revealed our "guest" who was just a mere ten feet from the nearest person. The lion did not even brake his pace as he gave us a sideways glance before disappearing once more into the darkness. It was an experience which all those present are unlikely ever to forget.

  • Musekese Camp main deck and view


  • Puku near Musekese Camp


  • Musekese Camp chalet bedroom


  • The campfire at Musekese Camp


  • Old Mondoro Camp


  • Boat ride from Old Mondoro


  • The lounge at Old Mondoro Camp


  • Old Mondoro breakfast


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Tribes Overall:

As usual a Tribes trip did not let us down! It very much lived up to our high expectations and it was such a joy to be back in Africa and what we regard as the "real" Africa where we can watch the wildlife with very few of our own species present.

Tribes Service:

It was top rate as usual which is why we keep coming back.


The standard of guiding in Zambia is very high indeed and from our experience of some 15 trips to Africa is probably the best.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

We both felt that the environment and the wildlife benefited from our trip. Being located in the bush for the whole of the trip we cannot really comment on the impact our visit had on the local people.

The places you stayed

Musekese Camp main deck and view

Musekese Camp


We had seen very positive comments on your website about this camp.We can only re-enforce everything that has been said. It was very good and we would like to go there again.

Old Mondoro Camp

Old Mondoro Camp


It is the only time in 27 years of taking safari holidays that we have ever returned to the same camp. They did not let us down!