Holiday review by Mrs. Heidi Watson

Name: Mrs. Heidi Watson

Date of trip: 07/08/2017

Number of people: 2

How long have you got! Sitting in a canoe on Sandoval Lake at sunset and listening to the sounds of the forest around us. Waking up the next morning to the sound of Howler Monkeys and watching the Giant River Otters. Listening to our guide in Cusco enthusing about the Incas. The stunning views whilst biking in the Sacred Valley. The Inca Trail and Machu Picchu speak for themselves as they were breathtaking. Probably above all was the smiling faces of the Peruvian people in particular our porters on the trek who was truly phenomenal and very humorous.

  • Wyndham Costa del Sol


  • Twin room at Wyndham Costa del Sol


  • Hammocks at Sandoval Lake Lodge


  • Sandoval Lake Lodge lake and boat


  • The dining room at Sandoval Lake Lodge


  • Turtles near Sandoval Lake Lodge


  • Casa Andina Premium Cusco exterior


  • One of the courtyards at Casa Andina Premium Cusco


  • Casa Andina Premium Cusco bedroom


  • Restaurant at Casa Andina Premium Cusco


  • Pakaritampu gardens


  • The lounge at Pakaritampu


  • Pakaritampu pathway and flowers


  • El MaPi enxtrance


  • Suite at El MaPi


  • El MaPi spa pool


  • The bar at El MaPi


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Tribes Overall:

Overall the holiday was wonderful. We had an amazing time and fell in love with Peru.

Tribes Service:

Rory and Paul were extremely helpful and knowledeable at all times. Always returning any emails or telephone calls promptly. Pre-departure details were very informative and helpful.


All of our guides without exception were of a high quality, very knowledgeable and also very importantly for us, fun. Was very impressed with the awareness of safety.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

In particular on the Inca Trail all the porters and camp staff were very happy, always smiling and helpful. Most of them had worked for the service company for many years. Two things spring to mind, our guide carried their wages with him and paid them at the end as many of them lived quite a way from Cusco. This saved them having to go to Cusco to collect wages. Also one porter had broken his leg whilst on the trail, the service company paid for all his medical bills and whilst he was not able at this point to do the full Inca Trail they employed him on the Inca Trail Day Hikes.

The places you stayed

Wyndham Costa del Sol

Wyndham Costa del Sol Lima Airport


Ideal location right by airport.

Hammocks at Sandoval Lake Lodge

Sandoval Lake Lodge


Rustic but that only adds to the charm.

Casa Andina Premium Cusco exterior

Casa Andina Premium Cusco


Excellent location. Food very good especially the Alpacca burgers.

Pakaritampu gardens




El MaPi enxtrance

El MaPi


Busy modern hotel. Can not fault it. Very clean, food excellent. Decor just a bit too modern for my taste. But that is just me. Hotel was excellent.