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  • Superb location on the banks of Sandoval Lake
  • Family of giant river otters lives nearby
  • Fantastic for birding, wildlife watching and plant-spotting
  • Simple, en-suite accommodation
  • Day and night hikes and boat rides

Sandoval Lake Lodge is in a fabulous position right on the banks of Sandoval Lake in Tambopata National Reserve. This is one of the most beautiful oxbow lakes in Tambopata-Madidi, famed for its fringe of palm trees whose fruit attracts red-bellied macaws. This location gives you exclusive access to the lake in the early morning and late afternoon, the choice hours for wildlife viewing and photography.

Sandoval Lake Lodge is constructed almost entirely of ecologically-harvested driftwood mahogany trees collected from the floods that carry logs downriver. The main building is one extended structure consisting of a large screened dining room/lounge with chairs, tables and hammocks. The bedrooms are arranged in two wings, all under one communal high roof and the space above the room walls (not soundproofed), is open to this communal roof. This simple construction is very much in keeping with the location but you need to be comfortable with this lack of privacy if you are going to enjoy your stay here.

The food here is Peruvian cuisine with an occasional international twist. The experienced kitchen personnel can also cater for special dietary requirements on request. 

This area within the Tambopata National Reserve is home to over 20,000 plant species, over 900 species of birds (more than all the species in the continental USA), 91 mammals, 1230 butterflies, 127 amphibians and reptiles, and much more! Of course you are not going to see them all and some of the rarer species recorded here like jaguar and harpy eagle are only very very occassionally observed. None-the-less on a 3-night stay it is often possible to see 6 species of monkeys - red howler, saddleback tamarin, dusky titi, squirrel, brown capuchin and night monkeys, and watching the lake's resident family of giant otters, an endangered species, is a real treat, There is a tremendous variety of bird life here,, from the numerous macaws to osprey which come to fish in the lake. There are also agouti, sloths and at nightfall black caimans, the rarest of the crocodilians, head out into the lake to fish.

Sandoval Lake Lodge can be visited on its own or as part of a longer trip to the remote Heath River Wildlife Centre.

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Client Rating for Peru 5/5 from 58 reviews

Perhaps slightly more comfortable than Heath River, but then it is less remote so 'horses for courses'.

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Sandoval Lake Lodge

Hammocks at Sandoval Lake Lodge

Sandoval Lake Lodge is a 25-room lodge located in a superb position on the bank of the stunning Sandoval Lake in Tambopata National Reserve.

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