Holiday review by Mrs Nicola Baker-Munton

Name: Mrs Nicola Baker-Munton

Date of trip: 29/07/2017

Number of people: 2

The guides made the holiday- clever, funny, humble, brilliant at their job. Hasheem in Kirurumu and Hammadi in Selous- not sure of spelling.

  • Rivertrees Country Inn


  • Pool at Rivertrees Country Inn


  • The farnhouse at Rivertrees Country Inn


  • Rivertrees Country Inn lounge


  • Coffee with a view at Kirurumu Serengeti Camp


  • Cosy tent at Kirurumu Serengeti Camp


  • Migration herds near Kirurumu Serengeti Camp


  • Sand Rivers


  • Sand Rivers


  • Sand Rivers


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Tribes Overall:

Would have been excellent but for flights. We loved the safari- getting there and back and between camps was gruelling so we wont go again until there are direct flights for the long haul and we can afford 1st class and internally we can use Coastal or private!

Tribes Service:

Super - would have liked a harder steer on tips as we did not take enough cash and being busy a prompt on things like the visa would have helped but most people would not spend that much on a holiday and not get to reading the papers until two days before.


Truly superb- the best bit of the holiday in both camps

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

We assume the high park fees were going to conservation so will be disappointed if that is not the case. The drink costs in Kirurumu were high we hope to help the staff.

The places you stayed

Rivertrees Country Inn

Rivertrees Country Inn


Just one short night- was a lovely place, food was superb.

Coffee with a view at Kirurumu Serengeti Camp

Kirurumu Serengeti Camps

Serengeti National Park

We loved it- staff/host Godwin were amazing. It was a bit too far from the river so needed half hour each day to get started but loved it and the food was exquisite- catered for Gluten and Dairy free brilliantly

Sand Rivers

Sand Rivers


Also lovely- staff /hosts Natasha and Eric were also amazing and catered well for gluten and dairy free but we thought the food could be better still as permanent camp- the meat was chewy, the fruit was not as good as in Kirurumu which was surprising, and the dairy free/gluten free bread/muffins were less imaginative than in Kirurumu - we felt they were trying to be too up market but still lovely. We did not like the loo being so open to the room and the driveway to the camp was extremely bumpy compared with the rest of Selous we were driving in.