Holiday review by Mrs. Julia Bell

Name: Mrs. Julia Bell

Date of trip: 22/04/2017

Number of people: 2

This trip was not just a holiday but a journey. It was a path of pleasure, a road of real experiences and a holiday of whole hearted memories. How can we ever forget elephants swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Okavango Delta, how can we forget the lions stalking impala in the bush, or the relaxing sounds of the night as creatures came together to sing beneath the stars. If there is one journey to make in your lifetime, go to Botswana (and tuck in a couple of nights at Vic Falls). Meet the animals. greet the people, share the moments. It is a trip that will make you realise that our planet is powerful and so are the local people who show you the way. Then there was the additional wow experience of flying by light aircraft...: .. Awesome experience to fly off in a light aircraft and look down on the Delta. There were even elephants on the runway pre flight! All an extra thrill.
Tribes made it possible to find everything that is important in life in the space of just ten days. Nature, space peace people, and memories. Golden gorgeous memories.

  • Aerial view of Chobe Bakwena Lodge, Chobe, Botswana © Chobe Bakwena

    Aerial view of Chobe Bakwena Lodge, Chobe, Botswana

  • Mokoro ride with Sango Safari Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana © Sango Safari Camp

    Mokoro ride with Sango Safari Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana

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Tribes Overall:

I have travelled far and wide but I can honestly say that my recent holiday has been the best ever in my entire life. It was a perfect package of wonderous sights, sounds and memories that will be forever etched in our memoiries. I am astounded by the beauty of Botswana, the zest of Zimbabwe and the gentleness of the people along the way. Every day a new adventure unfolded. A wonderful journey. We were spoilt visually and in every way. Truly superb!

Tribes Service:

Before finding Tribes, I had spoken to three or more consultants from other companies. They offered me several safari options (Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa ), and yet despite being sent incredible itineraries I hesitated. Trusting my instincts I continued my research and found Tracy at Tribes.
From our very first phone converation I connected with Tracy immediately. She listened to me. I mean really listened. She heard what I wanted. She respected my budget and my wish list and reasons for wanting to book this holiday. She responded so perfectly with a journey that was irrisistible. Her knowledge was genuine, her communication was perfect and when I saw the suggested itinerary my excitement began to rise.
Every step of the way, Tracy was there for us.
It was a smooth process. Everything that was on paper our on our wonderful Tribes phone app, came our way. Every flight and footstep was made flawless. Tracy compiled a journey that fuelled my passion for Africa, fulfilled and exceeded all expectations.
Once again, thanks is not enough.


If there was an award for Guide of the year, that I would give a Gold medal to David - our very great Gold star guide at the Okavango Delta Pelo Camp.
His knowledge was huge. His enthusiasm for the planet and the area was stirring and he gave his everything to our time in the Delta. David was quietly impressive , genuine and made me feel as if I was starring in a David Attenborough documentary. Pelo is a very special place but it would not be the same without David. He was the icing on the cake. He gave us the most magical moment when we saw a mother elephant swimming in deep water from island to island with her baby hanging onto her tail . Unforgettable. Nature at its best. Thank you is not enough. We will always cherish this stirring sight that was possible thanks to David.
The Silver Medal would go to Smart, our guide at Bakwena Lodge.
He drove so effortlessly to try his best to find the very best sights and sounds of the bush. He also had a great love of his land. He shared stories of his journeys with nature, and put so much into our game drives, always searching the horizons to fill our hearts with superb sightings. Smart had great heart. He also had patience and perserverance and gave us everlasting Chobe memories.
What would the Chobe and the lodge be without Smart.
The other Silver medal would go to Elmo - our devoted guide at Sango Safari Camp. Elmo was determined and a dream of a guide.
He gave 100% to our game drives and steered us towards heart stopper of a moment observering a leopard enjoying its Impala lunch. Upon our request, Elmo also took us into the village simply to show us the local culture and we were able to take time to share a very real slice of village life. For me, this moment was as important as a Game Drive. The local people are part of the experience of going to Africa, and nobody should go home without sampling a traditional humble village home and its welcoming hospitality.
The Bronze medals go to our Mokoro guides at Pelo Camp. Sitting in their dug out canoe watching the world of the Delta go by, was seventh heaven. They were wonderful. We loved every moment of this calm traditional Delta moment that was made possible by them.
Another medal goes to Beauty, the manageress at Sango camp. It seemed she worked around the clock to make sure guests were 100% happy. Her sunny smile and manner was infectious. She had heart and enthusiasm, professionalism and pride.
All our guides were simply outstanding!

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

I hope that the local people benefit from tourists. I hope that the growing number of visitors to Botswana, the high standards in place will help create jobs, conserve wildlife and enoucarage further visitors and that the local people will reap some harvest from the industry .
The staff at the lodges were very knowledgeble on the importance of conservation. They are very aware of the importance of thier animals and environment.
I hope the trail of the tourists means less poverty for locals.

The places you stayed

River room at Chobe Bakwena Lodge, Chobe, Botswana © Chobe Bakwena

Chobe Bakwena Lodge

Chobe National Park

Wow. Its good to watch the world go at Chobe Bakwena Lodge. Spirited staff who were so friendly and lovely accommodation. I felt so spoilt, was I dreaming? ! No, this was my reality, I was completely and utterly spoilt and loved every second of my time at Bakwena.

Exterior of guest tent at Sango Safari Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana © Sango Safari Camp

Sango Safari Camp

Okavango Delta

At night the hippos offer a lullaby. By day the camp offers all you need for a great stay. It was good to see a camp run by local people who are determined to give their guests a thoroughly enjoyable stay.
We even experienced a surprise bush evening meal in a bush camp lit by candles. So much work had gone into creating a magical scene , a feast cooked on the campfire and with plentiful booze to accompany the three course meal.
Sango was friendly place where every face greeted you with a smile.