Holiday review by Mr. Phillip Mansley

Name: Mr. Phillip Mansley

Date of trip: 01/02/2017

Number of people: 2

The warmth and friendliness of our Kenyan guides and camp staff, the remoteness and exclusivity of the conservancies and the unique experience of staying in them, rather than in the National Parks. The birding was superb, and we enjoyed two good walks with our sharp-eyed and knowledgeable Masai hosts (accompanied by an armed Ranger), The food in both camps were remarkably good, especially in Ol Kinyei, given the basic facilities the chefs had to prepare them.

  • Eka Hotel exterior


  • Eka Hotel garden seating


  • Executive room at Eka Hotel


  • Eka Hotel restaurant


  • By the campfire at Amboseli Porini camp, Kenya © Amboseli Porini

    By the campfire at Amboseli Porini camp, Kenya

  • Mara Porini


  • Walking with Maasai at Mara Porini


  • Mara Porini accommodation


  • Relaxing in the mess tent at Mara Porini


  • Pinewood Beach Resort and Spa pool and beach


  • Suite at Pinewood Beach Resort


  • The coast at Pinewood Beach Resort and Spa


  • Pinewood Peponi Lounge


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Tribes Overall:

Our first safari. We had blown hot and cold over the idea. We don't know have any similar holiday experiences to compare it with, but we thoroughly enjoyed the holiday which met all our expectations. Sad when it came to an end.

Tribes Service:

A good, friendly personal service, very attentive to our concerns and quick to respond to them.


We stayed at Porini camps where all our guides (and most spotters) showed phenomenal knowledge of the wildlife. Our chief interest is in bird life and we were really impressed by their ability to spot and identify well over 100 species within our first few days

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

We came to appreciate the importance of responsible tourism to the economy of this relatively poor country and we were impressed by the way your partners did all possible to ensure that every aspect of their operation was geared to that policy.

The places you stayed

Eka Hotel exterior

Eka Hotel


We were here for only a few hours. The service was good, friendly and efficient. It met all our requirements.

By the campfire at Amboseli Porini camp, Kenya © Amboseli Porini

Amboseli Porini

Amboseli National Park

Our first introduction to safari bush camping - 12 tents widely sited and a sense of privacy and closeness to the bush. Not luxurious (thankfully) but quite as comfortable as we could have wished. Enjoyed the sundowners in the bush and the pre-dinner gatherings around the camp fire. All very atmospheric.

Mara Porini

Mara Porini


6 tents beautifully sited in a remote (and not easily accessible by vehicle) corner of the Conservancy. Plenty of (benign) wildlife wandering into and round the camp - and a wide variety of birds on the doorstep.

Pinewood Beach Resort and Spa pool and beach

Pinewood Beach Resort and Spa

Kenya Coast & Lamu

A lovely setting, an attractively designed and spacious compound, We did not use the spa but enjoyed the pool and - until it became too hot - walking up and down the seemingly endless stretch of beach . The buffet meals were good and imaginative. A pity that to stop the monkeys getting in we had to keep all windows and doors closed and the A/C on continuously. But there is nothing anyone can do about that! Despite that, we were really sorry when the time came to leave this hotel.