Holiday review by Mr Geoffrey Gamble

Name: Mr Geoffrey Gamble

Date of trip: 14/11/2016

Number of people: 2

Absolutely everything. We went to see tigers, but at the end of the day it was the local people and their warm welcome that stood out. The wildlife and scenery was wonderful, and we certainly had more than our share of luck.........we were known as the lucky couple and in the end all the other jeeps were following us! India is somewhere that all in the UK should see and then we may all be a bit more understanding of how lucky we are.

  • Svasara Jungle Lodge pool


  • See tigers at Svasara Jungle Lodge


  • Svasara Jungle Lodge spa


  • Chital near Svasara Jungle Lodge


  • Tuli Tiger Corridor Pench


  • Tuli Tiger Corridor Pench


  • Tuli Tiger Corridor Pench


  • Tuli Tiger Corridor Pench


  • Singinawa


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Tribes Overall:

The experience of watching tigers in their own wild environment was a wonder to behold. The scenery and wildlife were superb and the people were absolutely charming. The lodges were clean and comfortable and the service was excellent. I had no expectations of seeing tigers beforehand as I had read so many reports from other people saying that they had been unlucky......and that is what it boils down to. We had safari drives on 7 days and we saw 7 tigers in all. Every day except one we saw tigers, and on the day that we didn`t we got a great sighting of a jungle cat, It was an incredible experience to be within 2 meters of touching a tiger and on one occasion we watched 2 tigers for nearly one hour. It certainly lived up to our expectations and more besides.

Tribes Service:

This is not our first holiday with Tribes and for a very good reason. They simply are superb. Nothing is too much trouble and they endeavour to fulfil your wishes as far as itinerary and locations.
This time we dealt with Paul Cook who is an India specialist, and he could not have been more helpful. In fact as we had a misunderstanding initially about dates of flights resulting in one extra night in Mumbai, (despite me accepting that it was half my fault for the mistake,) Tribes insisted on paying for the extra night in a Mumbai hotel..........which other travel company would do that?
Thank you Paul, you did a great job organizing everything, and the trip ran like clockwork.


3 camps visited and at every camp the guides were superb. They are totally tuned in to the habits and whereabouts of tigers but besides this they had very good knowledge of nature, from insects and birds to flowers and trees. They were all extremely nice people also being well dressed in appearance and all spoke very good English.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

We felt like we were helping the Indian economy as overseas tourist numbers are not that good at the moment.
We planted 2 trees given to us at the Singinawa Lodge at Kanha.
We danced with the local tribes people and they said that they enjoyed our participation.
We learnt a great deal about Indian culture its wildlife and traditions. Hopefully we gave in return something of our understanding and warmth as they were such lovely people.
All the comments made in this feedback show consideration to the fact that all lodges are in remote areas and the logistics of getting modern luxuries are difficult to say the least.

The places you stayed

Svasara Jungle Lodge pool

Svasara Jungle Lodge


This is a rustic lodge without any glitz. The people were a delight and you felt very welcome. Rooms were very clean and spacious. Wi-Fi is available in the reception area and they have a good library. The guides are excellent.
Food could have been a bit more imaginative but was quite satisfactory.

Tuli Tiger Corridor Pench

Tuli Tiger Corridor Pench


This lodge is of a more 5 star feel and ambiance but as a result it felt that there wasn`t quite the staff and customer interaction, The service was excellent and the amenities also but somehow it just lost the homely feeling of the other lodges.
One night we were served chicken despite them knowing that we were vegetarians....we didn`t cause a scene but it did spoil our evening. The management was very apologetic.
I was disappointed that our guide did not show to see us foo on our departure. Maybe I should have delayed giving him his tip which was handsome as he had been very good.
Rooms were very clean and comfortable and the food was reasonable.




There isn`t enough room here for me to sing the praises of this Lodge. Suffice it to say that everything here was superb. It was home from home, and how much we enjoyed our stay there. It was nice also because it was our last lodge of our holiday.........Absolutely wonderful

Food was superb.
Blankets and hot water bottles supplied for early morning safaris and a neck scarf for protection against the dust. No other lodge offered these niceties.