Holiday review by Mr. Rumpelstiltskin

Name: Mr. Rumpelstiltskin

Date of trip: 05/10/2015

Number of people: 2

Livingstone. Walking safari for close encounter with rhinos, cheetah walk, helicopter over the Falls and, top of the pile, Livingstone Island and the Devil's Pool. Less said about the Zimbabwean side the better. Sango Camp was brilliant. Chobe less so, but a staggering amount of wildlife there, to the point that you find it hard to believe anything is endangered. Realistically, you could do an extra day in Sango, fly to Chobe and do the river cruise and a morning drive and get out.

  • Sango Safari Camp bedroom


  • Mokoro ride at Sango Safari Camp


  • The lounge at Sango Safari Camp


  • Sango Safari Camp private deck


  • Kubu Lodge


  • Kubu Lodge pool


  • Kubu Lodge room


  • Kubu Lodge garden


  • Aerial view of The Royal Livingstone by Anantara and Victoria Falls, Zambia © The Royal Livingstone by Anantara

    Aerial view of The Royal Livingstone by Anantara and Victoria Falls, Zambia

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Tribes Overall:

Most of it exceeded expecatations. A few small things need tweaking.

Tribes Service:

Bit annoyed to find us sitting in different rows on the flights out. Not really what you're looking for on honeymoon. People on the plane thankfully accommodative on all but the Jo'Burg-Maun leg. Tribes very helpful at every step. Not sure why the Zim side was pushed quite so heavily for the Vic Falls leg, but glad I insisted on Zambian side and the hotel in particular.


Sango camp - amazing, well informed, great driving, lovely attitude
Chobe - first one was useless, second was good
Livingstone walking safari - very knowledgeable, kept us safe, good to get a different perspective
Mukuni Big 5 Safari - excellent

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

N/A. Cheetah walk definitely connected to a positive conservation effort. Rest of it probably neutral. Sad to hear about the amount of netting going on in the Zambezi and the effect on fishing downstream. Wasn't really the point of this holiday though.

The places you stayed

Sango Safari Camp bedroom

Sango Safari Camp

Okavango Delta

Food pretty average but the camp is amazing given its location. Guiding (Frank) was incredible, very insightful and the welcome is warm and friendly. Would recommend to anyone.

Kubu Lodge

Kubu Lodge

Chobe & Savuti

Feels like it's resting on its laurels a bit. Charging for soft drinks etc... a bit unnecessary (just up the price to accommodate that if needed). Guide on first afternoon there was lousy. Drove like my grandmother and she's been dead for a while now!

We saw a couple of other places from the river and one from inside and all looked more appealing. Food decidedly average.

Aerial view of The Royal Livingstone by Anantara and Victoria Falls, Zambia © The Royal Livingstone by Anantara

Royal Livingstone Hotel

Livingstone/Victoria Falls

Just so many good things to say. The room, the hotel, the facilities, the food, the spa, the pool, the location, the fact that we weren't staying in the sister hotel. I don't think either town has much going on, but all the good things to do (walking safari, Livingstone Island, mukuni big 5 safari) are on the Zambian side so very glad we didn't stay in Zim. I checked the two suggestions that were made when we were deciding on the make-up of the trip (A'Zambezi lodge and Royal Vic Falls hotel) and I maintain that neither are a patch on the Royal Livingstone. For anyone planning a luxury/honeymoon trip involving the falls, this should be the ONLY suggestion on the accommodation front.