Holiday review by Mrs Ruth Samways

Name: Mrs Ruth Samways

Date of trip: 01/10/2015

Number of people: 2

On my first morning walking a few steps from my tent onto a deserted sandy beach at 6.45. No-one as far as the eye could reach, palm trees interspersing the scrub along the upper edge of the beach & the warm, clear blue sea quietly breaking on the shore. Wonderful! In Ruaha a leopard relaxing in a tree who became shy & carefully climbed higher - such incredible movement. The Baobab seemingly everywhere - one of my favourite trees. All the kills...or devouring of very recent kills. Bush Breakfast, especially from Impala Camp. Night sounds. Animal shadows walking past my Mdonya tent.

  • Simply Saadani, beach


  • Bedroom at Simply Saadani


  • Simply Saadani, view from beach


  • Wildlife watching near Simply Saadani


  • Mdonya Old River tent and veranda


  • Mdonya Old River location


  • The lounge at Mdonya Old River


  • Tent interior at Mdonya


  • Lake Manze Camp tent


  • Lake Manze Camp, sunset


  • Lake Manze Camp lounge


  • Lake Manze Camp, elephant


  • Selous Impala camp, riverboat cruise


  • Selous Impala camp, room


  • Selous Impala camp, elephant


  • Selous Impala camp, pool


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Tribes Overall:

Felt sure that planning my trip to Southern Tanzania with Tribes would be a pleasure. I was not disappointed.

Tribes Service:

Received the advice & service I had expected.
Particularly appreciated the availability of Amanda for queries etc..


SAADANI - "Tissot" was a caring guide/driver & although animal sightings were few I was shown how varied the the landscape was.

RUAHA - Guide "Prosper" had good eyes but, my fellow van companions & I, felt that there were better in the camp! Driver "Godson" worked well together.

Lake Manze Camp - Most of my drives were with the equally knowledgeable & sharp eyes of "Adam",(guide) & "Alli"(driver).
They did not have binoculars but didn`t seem to miss anything---wonderful.

Selous Impala - Both Guide & Driver, names forgotten - very remiss if me - were excellent & worked hand-in glove with each other with sightings, observations & knowledge.

The places you stayed

Simply Saadani, beach

Simply Saadani


The sighting of my tent was ideal with a fantastic outlook & from this one point of view the camp lived up to its name - Tent with a View.

I don`t usually complain but I thought the "5-course diner" was very poor & that, generally, the cook lacked imagination & skill.

Mdonya Old River tent and veranda

Mdonya Old River

Ruaha National Park

Suited me in every way.
Loved it!

Lake Manze Camp tent

Lake Manze Camp


Although a sister camp to Mdonya the manager was very different, new this season, & it took time for me to warm to him but it soon became obvious that he worked as part of his team so I had a good time & another excellent camp to recommend.

Selous Impala camp, riverboat cruise

Selous Impala Camp


The ideal camp with which to end my trip particularly as there were several opportunities to enjoy Selous from the water.

Had my own Masai,(Moiy), to call & escort me everywhere - quite necessary to ensure my safety from roaming animals, especially elephants. This was rather restricting but we seemed to get on well with chats of just smiles & grins!