Holiday review by Mrs J Bridger

Name: Mrs J Bridger

Date of trip: 29/07/2015

Number of people: 2

Visiting the national parks such as Ranamafana, Zombitse and Andisabe and seeing loads of lemurs. I loved the multicoloured sifakas especially, and at times could not believe they were real. Also the noises of the Indri calling out in an eerie manner above us in the forest. Canoeing round the lemur islands and being greeted by little groups of lemurs after a treat of bananas, they were brave enough to jump on us and the boats, putting their little paws/ hands in ours to get the food. Our barbecue picnic after walking round Isalo park and swimming in the natural swimming pool, we were given a stick to stop the lemurs pinching our meal!

  • Cottages at Le Couleur Cafe


  • Couleur Cafe accommodation


  • Dining room at Couleur Cafe


  • Cottage terrace at Couleur Cafe


  • Centrest Sejour


  • Bedroom at Centrest Sejour


  • Scenery viewed from Centrest Sejour


  • Terrace at Centrest Sejour


  • The main lodge and pool at Satrana


  • Tented accommodation at Satrana Lodge


  • Satrana Lodge dining room


  • Satrana Lodge setting


  • The bar at Les Dunes d'Ifaty, Madagascar © ToutMada

    The bar at Les Dunes d'Ifaty, Madagascar

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Tribes Overall:

The wildlife and people were amazing, the only downside was the travel ie the roads and the internal airline that could not make its mind up when the plane was actually going to takeoff until the day so we lost half a day at the seaside.

Tribes Service:

Good knowledge but I would have liked final details/ tickets earlier - felt I had to ring about these which made me uneasy. The actual travel went well.
TRIBES REPLY: Janice, sorry, you're right the final details did go to you later than we normally like to send them. This was due to the problems with the Air Madagascar strike and us waiting to see whether we had to change your itinerary at all. Sorry to worry you though. 


Mami our driver was very good, very helpful, reassuring and informative although his accent was difficult to understand so there were times when we were tired when we wished we had a guide too but that was our decision when planning.
Local guides were excellent especially Angelin at Ranamafana.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

Entry fees to national parks and visiting workshops should have helped?
TRIBES REPLY: I'm afraid we're not able to preppay such things in Madagascar.

The places you stayed

Cottages at Le Couleur Cafe

Couleur Cafe


Liked the decor and garden, though we did not light our fire. A little oasis from the bustle of the city.
Lots of birds, so sat on terrace and bird watched.

Centrest Sejour

Centrest Sejour


Much better than description - had an en-suite cottage uphill. Food good and friendly staff.

The main lodge and pool at Satrana

Satrana Lodge


Wow - loved the rooms including outside shower and the fact that someone comes and opens the windows to show the awesome view for you in day. Would have liked electricity beyond 10pm though.
A bit more expensive for meals though and because you are asked in advance what you want the tendency is to order three courses!

The bar at Les Dunes d'Ifaty, Madagascar © ToutMada

Les Dunes d’Ifaty

Ifaty, west coast

Wonderful accommodation and good food, but another place with limited hours of electricity - mind you they say you can ask for an extension. Good information available and lots of trips but hotel takes a big cut so if you want to help local people organise your own trips - we used our guide when visiting the spiny forest. If you go whale watching you should use a motor boat as sailing while lovely and environmentally friendly means that the whales have dived by the time you get there!The details say the tide goes out a long way - compared to the UK it doesn't! Also the local villagers are more pushy selling products and trips than it says.