Holiday review by Dave Hunt

Name: Dave Hunt

Date of trip: 16/07/2015

Number of people: 2

The Selous safari was undoubtedly the highlight of our holiday. A particular highlight was on our all day safari when having seen a pride of lions at close quarters, admittedly with other vehicles in close proximity, our guide took us away from the melee where we were able to observe at the leisure the behaviour of a herd of impalas at a waterhole with lions in close proximity. Seeing our accommodation at The Zanzibari for the first time was also a highlight.

  • Sable Mountain Lodge


  • Sable Mountain Lodge


  • A walking safari from Sable Mountain


  • Relax at The Zanzibari


  • The Zanzibari bedroom


  • The beach at The Zanzibari


  • The Zanzibari restaurant and bar


  • Dhow Palace


  • Dhow Palace pool


  • Dhow-Palace3


  • Dhow Palace fountain


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Tribes Overall:

A really good holiday just missing out on the excellent ranking, due to a slight disappointment with the Dhow Palace and an underwhelming start to the holiday.


The Sable Mountain lodge guides were very knowledgeable and friendly but on occasion difficult to understand.

The Assistant Manager at The Zanzibari who took us on a village tour was excellent.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

Sable Mountain Lodge's policy of employing local villagers should be lauded and the visit to the Massai village was sensitively handled.

The Nungwi village tour was again sensitively handled.

The places you stayed

Sable Mountain Lodge

Sable Mountain Lodge


A good value safari resort. The rooms provided understated luxury whilst being authentic and full of character and the views from our verandahs were stunning.

The staff were very efficient, helpful and happy!

The quality of the food exceeded our expectations.

The girls said, however, that the pool was very, very cold!

Relax at The Zanzibari

The Zanzibari


Our Frangipani Suite was a true highlight, particularly with its private grounds and sea view. The location of the hotel and its ambience was outstanding.

The food was very good.

Service was, however, not nearly as efficient as at Selous - frequently slow and often with (minor) errors around orders.

Dhow Palace

Dhow Palace


Slightly disappointing in comparison to the 2 previous stays - perhaps we might have felt differently if it had been our first stop.

The rooms were small, the showers poor and the towels left more cotton on you than they absorbed in water! The breakfast was mediocre.

That said the hotel did have lots of character and its central location was excellent.