Holiday review by Ms. Penny Henley

Name: Ms. Penny Henley

Date of trip: 23/03/2015

Number of people: 2

Varanassi was something special and not to be missed if you are planning a trip to India. The hoards of people surging down the streets on the way to the Arti ceremony, dodging the cows and motorcycles on the way to the river. The sunrise boat ride on the Ganges was terrific. We were fortunate enough to witness a cremation in progress and see the hundreds of people taking their morning wash in this filthy river. The train journey from Varanassi to Agra was a mind boggling experience for us and something we will not forget in a hurry. We had cockroaches crawling around the compartment and the strong stench of urine from the drop toilet was unbearable. This train trip is not for the faint hearted. As we approach Agra in the early morning, we witnessed hundreds of people doing their morning ablutions along the railway line without a care in the world and catching up on daily gossip. I suppose if you are not fortunate enough to have a toilet in the house, where do you go?

  • The roof terrace at Colonels Retreat


  • Colonels Retreat bedroom


  • The entrance to Colonels Retreat


  • Colonels Retreat pictures


  • Barwara Kothi homestay in Jaipur, India © Barwara Kothi

    Barwara Kothi homestay in Jaipur, India

  • Fort Barli


  • Fort Barli


  • Fort Barli


  • Fort Barli


  • Ajit Bahwan


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Tribes Overall:

It certainly did live up to our expectations. Amazing experience like no other trip we have undertaken before. So very interesting, colourful people and beautiful temples, palaces etc., etc.

Tribes Service:

Amanda and Paul were absolutely terrific and we have no complaints.


Our guides were good and obviously pretty knowledgeable. Our local driver - BP as he was known - was terrific and went out of his way to ensure our trip was enjoyable. We thoroughly enjoyed his company for most of the holiday. The time keeping of the reps and drivers was always very prompt. We never had to wait for any of the reps or drivers to arrive.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

We are so pleased we undertook this trip to India and you wonder how the country ticks with so many people, the dilapidated and sometimes old transport systems, terrible roads, polluted rivers but it does and it is so fascinating. The people are of a very gentle nature and we found they were particularly very good to their animals which impressed us immensely.

The places you stayed

The roof terrace at Colonels Retreat

Colonels Retreat


The only establishment where we didn't have to pay tax on our food and alcohol.
Pleasant accommodation and nice location. Nice Staff. Good breakfast

Barwara Kothi homestay in Jaipur, India © Barwara Kothi

Barwara Kothi


Rooms need smartening up. No fridge in our room and only received complimentary water on the first day and you had to pay for water if you needed it on the second night. Breakfast OK

Fort Barli

Fort Barli


The Fort was wonderful and interesting, the room was fabulous and big, however, the food was atrocious, cold and overcooked and not worth the money + taxes...even paid tax on a massage??!!

Ajit Bahwan

Ajit Bhawan


Excellent accommodation and the grounds were fantastic. Wonderful choice of food for breakfast for the Westerners.