Holiday review by Alison C.

Name: Alison C.

Date of trip: 13/02/2015

Number of people: 2

The clear Kenyan night sky at the Porini Mara Camp was beautiful but the sky came alive with the stargazer talk around the camp fire by the camp manager. A wonderful experience especially as we had  cloudy skies up till that night.

  • Sunbird Lodge swimming pool


  • The main terrace at Sunbird Lodge


  • Sunbird Lodge cottage bedroom


  • Sunbird Lodge setting






  • Firseide chat at Porini Lion Camp, Olare Motorogi, Masai Mara, Kenya © TomasRodriguez

    Firseide chat at Porini Lion Camp, Olare Motorogi, Masai Mara, Kenya

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A termite mound could just be part of scenery but not when we travelled towards our first camp with Harry. His wealth of specialist knowledge of the start, development and expansion of the mounds was fascinating and from then on we tried, and succeedied, in spotting all the stages as we travelled around. Brilliant.

Tribes Overall:

From the moment we arrived at Nairobi airport everything was as good as we had eagerly anticipated and the range of wildlife we saw incredible.


All the guides were good drivers, very knowledgeable about the wildlife including the birds. The guides at Camp were also very adept at wheel changes and very ingenious when flash flooding had altered our route across the small river crossing.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

The camps certainly felt environmentally friendly and from talking to the guides and visiting the Masai village at Camp the local community was benefitting in a small way. The guides at Porini Lion Camp were also very clear about the way conservancy was benefitting the local community.

The places you stayed

Sunbird Lodge swimming pool

Sunbird Lodge


Quite a busy lodge, excellent food, very helpful staff. The highlight was the dining veranda overlooking the lake with a host of birds at the feeders around while we ate breakfast.

Kenya Adventure Camping Selenkay

Amboseli National Park

We were upgraded to Porini Mara camp where Harry the manager was passionate about the wildlife and environment. He obviously inspired the guides too and the whole camp had a lovely feel which made the stay a delight. Lovely to chat to other travellers. Generally like minded people who had chosen this camp.

Porini Lion Camp staff, Olare Motorogi, Masai Mara, Kenya © TomasRodriguez

Porini Lion Camp

Olare Motorogi Reserve, Masai Mara

A bigger camp so more organised and less personal. The guides depth of knowledge of the area and its wildlife was phenomenal.