Holiday review by Mrs. Pamela Walshe

Name: Mrs. Pamela Walshe

Date of trip: 02/10/2014

Number of people: 2

The journey to my first camp, Nairobi, was temporarily haulted while two large porcupines crossed in front of out car. I was told that it is quite rare to see them as they are quite shy. And the black rhino arriving with my six-o-clock morning tea, maybe two meters from my door!

  • Guest tent at Nairobi Tented Camp


  • Nairobi Tented Camp campfire


  • Lunch at Nairobi Tented Camp


  • Nairobi Tented Camp at dusk


  • Porini Rhino Camp


  • Relax indoors or out at Porini Rhino Camp


  • Porini Rhino camp is a great safari destination


  • Al fresco dining at Porini Rhino Camp


  • Porini Lion Camp


  • Game drive from Porini Lion Camp


  • Dining tent at Porini Lion Camp


  • Spacious tented accommodation at Porini Lion Camp


  • Pinewood Beach Resort and Spa pool and beach


  • Suite at Pinewood Beach Resort


  • The coast at Pinewood Beach Resort and Spa


  • Pinewood Peponi Lounge


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Tribes Overall:

THE most extraordinary and delightful holiday I have ever had.

Tribes Service:

Everything was managed beautifully and with great patience by Alex. He was great ! The whole vacation went without a single hitch. Flights on time, pickups from airports, schedules absolutely perfect.


All my guides, Andrew in Nairobi, Danial in Rhino camp and Katari and John Mark in Mara, were fantastic ! Helpful, knowledgeable and informative and really enthusiastic, answering all my questions, and there were many, with humour and dedication to the environment.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

I hope it was beneficial. Kenya is going through a difficult time now, because of the twin fears of terrorism and Ebola.
They need our help. Tourism is a great part of their economy . If we stay away the animals and people will suffer. So do tell everyone to come and see this magnificent country.

The places you stayed

Guest tent at Nairobi Tented Camp

Nairobi Tented Camp


Harry, the manager was superb. The tents were five star hotel accommodation in a tent! All the "boys" were great. The tent was so comfortable and mosquito-free and the food was delicious.

Porini Rhino Camp

Porini Rhino Camp


Great chef! We saw the kitchens. Immaculate! Again, the tents were so comfortable, it was difficult to get out of bed for the six thirty game drive, but soooo worth it when you did.

Porini Lion Camp

Porini Lion Camp


What a magnificent setting for the camp. Set in trees, by a river, with the Mara plain all around and many animals. The Massai were really nice people. Most of the staff in all the camps are Massai. They giggle a lot!

Pinewood Beach Resort and Spa pool and beach

Pinewood Beach Resort and Spa

Kenya Coast & Lamu

I was enchanted with the hotel. The pictures really don't do it justice. The rooms are extremely large and comfortable, the food is excellent and plentiful. The decor is charming and the furniture is made from wood in its j natural state. If you want a quite, luxurious, lazy holiday, this is the place. Fabulous beaches, great water activities and teeming with monkeys.