Holiday review by Ms. Valerie Green

Name: Ms. Valerie Green

Date of trip: 29/09/2014

Number of people: 2

I've never been someone who gets excited by buildings, but I can't look at my photos of the Taj Mahal without getting that feeling of sheer wonder again that I experienced when standing in front of it in the early morning light.

  • The roof terrace at Colonels Retreat


  • Colonels Retreat bedroom


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  • Mansingh Palace


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The Qutub Minar was the first tourist site I visited in India. The extreme heat, intensely blue sky and the monument itself gave me a perfect introduction to the tour.

Tribes Overall:

This was the first time I have travelled on my own, and I was very apprehensive about it. However Organising it through Tribes was so easy, and everything went so smoothly from the moment I arrived, I was able to relax and enjoy myself very quickly.

Tribes Service:

Paul was amazingly helpful, adapting my tour to fit my changing needs without question, and it all worked perfectly, which I came to realise in the part of my trip that wasn't organised through Tribes, is really difficult to achieve in India!


Everyone was amazing. My driver managed the Indian roads with consummate skill, the guide in Delhi was good company and I really felt he wanted me to enjoy the City and I did; my guide in Agra was very confident and made me feel very safe in what can be a very intimidating environment, and the guide in Jaipur was again very knowledgeable, and easy to talk to. The constantly changing guides made it a bit unsettling, but having the same driver throughout was really helpful in pulling the tour together. I thought he was outstanding.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

I like the way the tour uses local guides, restaurants, hotels etc.

The places you stayed

The roof terrace at Colonels Retreat

Colonels Retreat


Comfortable accommodation, a bit lacking in information, so on my first morning I had no idea where breakfast was and had to go online to find out something about the facilities available.

Mansingh Palace

Mansingh Palace


Beautiful room. Again, needed more information.