Holiday review by Mr. Michael Moulsley

Name: Mr. Michael Moulsley

Date of trip: 11/09/2014

Number of people: 2

So many to choose from! Sable Lodge has to be the number one memory. From the moment we were picked up from the train we felt like royalty. The camp is just amazing and our room (rooftop) was the best there - stunning views, even from the toilet! And the staff were all just so lovely. Can\'t wait to go back. Oh yes, and we had lunch about 20 feet from a pod of hippo\'s.

  • Sable Mountain Lodge


  • Sable Mountain Lodge


  • A walking safari from Sable Mountain


  • Relax at The Zanzibari


  • The Zanzibari bedroom


  • The beach at The Zanzibari


  • The Zanzibari restaurant and bar


  • Dhow Palace


  • Dhow Palace pool


  • Dhow-Palace3


  • Dhow Palace fountain


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At The Zanzibari, the Massai came to demonstrate their traditional dancing (and jumping). One of them stayed with us for the evening and joined in our impromptu party - we have a unique photo of a massai warrior dancing on top of the bar!

Tribes Overall:

Absolutely the most memorable holiday ever! Not only did we have a fabulous time and incredible experiences, we were so well looked after while we were there.
From start to end, a litany of \"firsts\" and they will stay with us for ever.

Tribes Service:

Tracy answered all our queries, went to great lengths to organise our flights and resolved a couple of queries we had while on holiday. Couldn\'t ask for any thing more.


At Sable Lodge, Rama gave us his sole attention for 4 days and made the time a real pleasure - amazing eyesight and a great knowledge of the local animals and people really helped put everything into context.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

Everything was small groups with a very small impact on the wildlife or people. We shot only photo\'s and took home only memories.

The places you stayed

Sable Mountain Lodge

Sable Mountain Lodge


Outstanding! We\'d go back tomorrow.

The camp, the people, the service, the game drives (the walking safari and the boat trip!)

Relax at The Zanzibari

The Zanzibari


Beautiful, and so relaxing.
Plenty to do if you want to be active - but it\'s really easy to lay back and ignore the world for a few days.

Dhow Palace

Dhow Palace


Really interesting building and great location. Lots of excursions available and the staff are friendly if you make the effort. It\'s not a place with a lot of atmosphere so we tended to use it as just a base - but in Stone Town, not much more is needed.