Holiday review by Mrs. Carole Artis

Name: Mrs. Carole Artis

Date of trip: 15/08/2014

Number of people: 2

Everything we saw and did will stay forever in my memory, however, watching elephants digging for water in a dry river bed with each taking turns to drink was a fantastic sight. At one point a baby baboon was running towards the road in front of our car when its mother or father dashed up, grabbed it and took it back to safety. To see animals behaving in such a way was incredible.

  • Bar at Sable Mountain Lodge, Nyerere / Selous, Tanzania © AGMarks

    Bar at Sable Mountain Lodge, Nyerere / Selous, Tanzania

  • Lake Manze tented camp

    Lake Manze tented camp

  • Relax at The Zanzibari


  • The Zanzibari bedroom


  • The beach at The Zanzibari


  • The Zanzibari restaurant and bar


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Watching dust devils and having one pass through our open-sided Landrover was something I had never even considered seeing. Overall though, it was just so wonderful to see the abundance of animals in their natural environment, interacting with each other in the way they should - so different from what we would see in a zoo.

Tribes Overall:

For over 35 years I had wanted to go on a safari and finally my eldest daughter and I booked the holiday of my dreams. Although I didn't really know what to expect we had the most amazing time which far surpassed anything I could have imagined.

Tribes Service:

Tracy Edwards was a great consultant who gave me all the time I needed to help find the right holiday. I'm not at all well-travelled but she answered all my questions (over many phone calls) making me feel really at ease about my big adventure.


All our guides were brilliant! They were extremely knowledgeable, friendly and they went out of their way to help us find and learn about as much wildlife as possible.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

I've given this a 'good' rating because it's difficult to know whether my holiday has any impact on the people/environment, however, it is clear that those involved really do care. My only reservation is that it seems the excellent guides/drivers are paid by tips and therefore may not earn as much as they deserve and that the owners could be reaping the rewards of their hard work and dedication.

The places you stayed

Bar at Sable Mountain Lodge, Nyerere / Selous, Tanzania © AGMarks

Sable Mountain Lodge

Nyerere National Park (Selous)

The staff, accommodation, surroundings and food were all superb. The view from our lodge was absolutely stunning.
Our guide, Joseph, was incredible! He took us on game drives, a walking safari and a boat safari and never once rushed anything, making sure we saw and learnt as much as possible. He was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and above all it was obvious that he had a deep caring for the wildlife and the environment.

Lake Manze tented camp

Lake Manze Tented Camp

Nyerere National Park (Selous)

I couldn't fault our stay. Staff were really helpful and our guides, Harun, Emanuel and Elton were great. The tents were luxurious and, with Maasai security guards keeping watch I never once felt unsafe or vulnerable to the elephants or baboons that wandered through the site. I particularly enjoyed the communal evening meal - outdoors, with a camp fire either end of the table - which gave all the guests a chance to swap their adventure stories.
I even caught two catfish on a boat safari on Lake Manze!

Relax at The Zanzibari

The Zanzibari


Pure luxury! We didn\'t take advantage of the many tours available, choosing instead to just enjoy the local area. However, I will next time! Everything about the hotel was perfect for a truly relaxing end to our safari holiday. Nothing was too much trouble for the staff and the chef was fantastic - chakula katam (delicious food) every day and the best tuna that I have ever tasted. I have to mention my new friends, Masanja, John Mtenga, John Tajewo and Rashidi who all helped me with my Swahili, gave me an insight into the culture/politics and more than anything treated me like a princess. My sincere thanks to them all.