Explore Paro's impressive dzong, and hike up to the cliffside Tiger’s Nest monastery for amazing views of Bhutan.

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As well as being the site of Bhutan’s international airport, Paro has an imposing and historic dzong with an interesting museum in its former watchtower, cafes and restaurants and places to stay. It is set at the top of the scenic Paro Valley with its terraced rice paddies, farms, villages and temples but the most famous attraction is Tigers Nest monastery, perched seemingly precariously into the sheer cliffside, a must-see for any visitor to Bhutan.

  • Dzong & museum: Rinpung Dzong (also called Paro Dzong) overlooks the valley. Its buildings and courtyards are surrounded by high stone walls and on more than one occasion it has guarded the area from invasion. Its circular watchtower, Ta Dzong, houses the national museum with a wide range of exhibits from stone age tools to natural history, antique thangka paintings and festival masks.
  • Tigers Nest monastery: Set on a 900m cliffside ridge, Taktshang Lhakang or Tigers Nest is a breath-taking and much-photographed sight. It takes a good three hours to hike here from Paro, walking through fragrant pine forests and past temples and waterfalls to the steepest part of the climb which you can ride by mule if you wish. It is said that a visit to this Buddhist monastery purifies the soul and the views of the Paro Valley are magnificent.
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Explore the impressive dzong, tour the eclectic collections of the national museum and hike up to the cliffside Tiger’s Nest monastery for amazing views.

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