Wellness holidays at Ananda in the Himalayas, India

Ananda Wellbeing Holidays

Enjoy the benefits of health-bestowing wellbeing spa treatments in the luxurious surroundings of Ananda in the Himalayas

Wellness holidays at Ananda in the Himalayas, India

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6 days from £2500pp plus international flights.

Take your pick of the therapeutic programmes offered at this destination spa located in the Himalayan foothills.

    • ​Choose from nine programmes
    • Personalised treatments
    • Mix of Ayurveda, yoga and meditation
    • Combat ailments and stress
    • Refresh body, mind and spirit
    • Sublime Himalayan location


Ananda in the Himalayas is the perfect place to spend time concentrating on health and well being. The imposing palace is in 40 hectares of grounds surrounded by sal forest high above the Ganges River valley. It's a sanctuary that feels far away from the pressures of 21st century life, where you are free to submit to the various therapies and let them enhance your physical, mental and spiritual self.

Ananda has won many prestigious awards as a spa destination, testament to the quality of its programmes, therapists, doctors and chefs, all of whom collaborate to provide an immersive experience, the benefits of which will last long after you've departed and are back home.

There are several programmes to choose from, each designed with specific aims, all outlined below along with the minimum stay required for each. Longer courses are available. Some programmes allow you time to take part in other activities at Ananda such as group yoga, meditation and fitness classes, while others are more intense with several sessions a day. The minimum age for these programmes is 18.

Detox: let your digestive system have a well earned rest through a strictly controlled diet, combined with aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, Ayurveda treatments, yoga, meditation and gentle exercise. The result is improved circulation of the blood and lymphatic systems which helps your liver better filter toxins from the body and increases your stamina, immune system and energy levels. There are four stages to the process and it requires a minimum of seven nights stay.

Weight Management: the link between self image and weight is at the core of this treatment, hence meditation plays a vital role, alongside detox therapies, exercise, yoga and diet. The exercise element is aimed at burning calories and is tailored by your fitness trainer, while the diet is designed to balance metabolic power. The four phases of the programme aid your digestion of nutrients, help tone your body, induce weight loss and build strength, stamina and flexibility. Minimum stay is 14 nights.

Ayurvedic Rejuvenation: eliminate harmful toxins and boost your body's immunity, through a combination of yoga and diet. Ayurvedic principles underline the treatment, as you first cleanse and then re-energise your body and mind. The benefits are boosted immunity, an improved metabolism, enhanced vitality and visibly refreshed skin. The minimum package is seven nights, with more intense 14 and 21 night programmes available.

Yogic Detox: Hat-ha yoga forms the basis of this treatment which incorporates different purifying techniques to achieve and natural and effective detox. Yogic postures, Astana, are deployed along with yogic breathing techniques, meditation and diet, and coupled with detox practises. The aim is to cleanse both mind and body, release tension and improve energy levels. This programme can help combat sinusitis, tonsillitis, asthma, hay fever and dust allergies. A seven night stay is required.

Stress Management: stress is an enemy of mental and physical health, and this course combines a blend of Ayurveda, yoga, Tibetan and international elements to promote tranquillity. Deep relaxation, massages, meditation, reiki and exercise are part of the three stage process, which identifies the basic causes of stress then uses selected therapies to cleanse the mind and help you deal effectively with stress now and in the future. Benefits include improved sleep, relief from headaches and strengthened immunity. A minimum stay of five nights is needed.

Dhyana: this programme is designed to help you achieve self-realisation by gaining greater control over your physical and mental faculties. Dhyana is a form of meditation, which over the centuries has incorporated Buddhist, Hindu and Jainist principles. By using Dhyana you are able to gain mental harmony and access the potential of the 'higher mind'. overcome negative thoughts and achieve a sense of calm. Dhyana is used in conjunction with yoga, reflexology, shiatsu and back massage, among other techniques in this seven night treatment,

Active: taking into account your fitness level and health goals, this programme uses a holistic approach to fitness, developing a personalised routine with indoor and outdoor sessions such as circuit training, aqua fitness, white water rafting and guided treks. Other elements including spa therapies, yoga and nutrition combine to form a comprehensive four stage programme that is aimed at achieving a sustainable approach to fitness that you can continue at home. The minimum stay is five nights.

Renew: this course is a safe, non-invasive way to tap into youthful beauty, through the practice of yoga and the use of time-honoured beauty and healing techniques alongside 21st century anti-ageing methods. Ayurveda is used to boost blood circulation, tone muscles and ease joints which helps improve sleep, one-to-one yoga sessions alleviate joint stiffness and enhance mental clarity, and you learn how to focus and calm your mind. The result is a rejuvenated body and mind. This programme can help combat muscle pain, rheumatism, arthritis and sports injuries, as well as improving immunity and flexibility. A seven night stay is required.

Yoga: this introduction to yoga lets you gain an understanding into the different techniques of Hat-ha, Raja and Kriya yogas. You are taken through the elements of yogic practice, from Astana (posture), to Pranayama (breathing techniques), Shatkriya (cleansing) and meditation, as you learn about the holistic approach of yogic philosophy. The programme is tailored to your needs, and includes selected spa treatments to compliment the yoga techniques. Overall it helps build your stress immunity, improves sleep and thought processes and increases concentration and willpower. This is a five night programme.

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