Top 5 luxury family holidays with teenagers

Exciting suggestions for luxury family holidays with teenagers or older children.

As children get older it can become harder to come up with holidays which not only inspire you, but also enthuse your teenage kids. The last thing that most teenagers can put up with is being bored. And the chances are that you won’t want to be on holiday with a grumpy teenager who refuses to take his/her nose out of a DS or mobile phone games.

We probably all have an image in our mind of a perfect family holiday where we do exciting things together, have a laugh, enjoy sharing adventures or seeing beautiful sights, and generally have a holiday to give us all memories to treasure.  The good news is that they do exist!

Mother of two boys of 16yrs and 12-going-on-15yrs, Amanda Marks of Tribes Travel offers her suggestions for luxury family holidays with teenagers.  These are her top 5 :

  • An exciting safari and beach holiday in Tanzania
    Game viewing in the Serengeti is incredible at any time, but especially if you  time the trip to fit in with the migration.  Add the superb park of Tarangire, and the unique sight of the Ngorongoro Crater, and you’ve got a very exciting safari. Top this off with a few days chilling out or snorkelling and diving on Zanzibar, and everybody’s happy.  11 days from £2095 pp (exc flights).
  • A Moroccan adventure
    It might be only 4 hours away from the UK, but it’s a world away in most other ways.  And that’s a good thing for teenagers!  Challenge them to a treasure hunt in the souks of Marrakech, take them hiking in the Atlas Mountains, and relax in the coastal town of Essaouira.   11 days from £1180 pp (exc flights).
  • A seriously cool trip in Brazil
    “Summer holidays? Oh yes, I went to Rio de Janeiro, saw Iguazu Falls, searched for wildlife in the swamps of the Pantanal, snorkelled in a river amongst thousands of tropical fish, then chilled on a hammock by the beach.”  Tell me, what teenager would not smile a little at the thought of all this?  15 days from £2885 pp (exc flights).
  • A South African odyssey
    Meet meerkats, search for lions, go on a whale-watching boat trip, explore Cape Town and the winelands.  Experience the excitement of the Cape, with its enthralling cities, beaches and wildlife reserves. 12 days from £1025 pp (exc flights).
  • Nepal is awesome
    Explore the Kathmandu Valley, trekking near Pokhara, whitewater rafting, wildlife viewing on elephant-back … this holiday allows you to be the adventurer you are!   11 days from £1775 pp (exc flights).

Of course these are just 5 of the stunning experiences there are out there.  As a tailor made company Tribes can obviously tailor make most types of experiences, based on just what you want.

Amanda Marks - Author

Amanda Marks is a founder and director of Tribes Travel. She believes travel opens hearts and minds.

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