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  • This was the very first hotel to open in this area (in the hills outside of Cherrapunjee town) and it was the owners, Denis and Carmela, who brought the story of the living root bridges to the world.
  • It is the best hotel in the best location for getting to the living root bridges.
  • The owners are committed to bringing benefits of any tourism to the local communities.
  • The friendly staff are almost exclusively Khasi (which is rare in this area).
  • The views to the forested hills are beautiful.
  • The rooms are very comfortable, and they offer a very good vegetarian buffet breakfast and dinner.

If you’re coming to Cherrapunjee, you’re coming to see the living root bridges. In our view, if you’re coming to see the living root bridges, you need to be staying at Cherrapunjee Holiday Resort. It’s in a far more beautiful location than the more expensive hotels in Cherrapunjee town and closer to the bridges. More than that, the rooms are good (we recommend the premiums), the owners are lovely big-hearted people, their staff are great and, while the food is not haute cuisine, it’s really tasty! 

Cherrapunjee Holiday Resort is not a holiday resort in the way that the term tends be understood in the west (no pool, no spa, no particular in-house activities nor many facilities). It is, however, a good base from which to explore the beauty of the hills around Cherrapunjee and especially the living root bridges.
Founded and still run by Denis and Carmela, this couple were the first to set up a hotel in this area, and have been the key drivers in bringing the world’s attention to the living root bridges here. They have always done this with a view to bringing the local communities here (which are quite remote) some economic benefit from tourism.
The hotel is not the most luxurious in Cherrapunjee (that would be the Jiva Resort or the Polo Orchid) but this is our preferred place to stay here.
It’s still quite a small hotel and it has the ambience of an explorer’s resthouse, though with better rooms! It’s the kind of place you can sit at night and chat to others about what bridges they’ve seen that day and how hard the treks were. Since most people eat at the same time (the buffet) it encourages the intermingling of guests and so conversations tend to start up easily. Most of the clientele is Indian (Meghalaya is still not really on the international travellers’ map) so it’s interesting to chat to the other residents.
The premium rooms are well-appointed with comfortable beds, en-suite bathroom, ceiling fan and kettle.

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Client Rating for India 5/5 from 130 reviews

The things I loved about this hotel (‘resort’ really doesn’t have the right connotations for us in the UK) is the location close to the living root bridges and the people that run it. Denis and Carmela started the place in 1998 when no-one outside the local area knew about the unique bridges that are the key attraction here. Denis coined the term ‘living root bridge’, and he and Mary are committed to bringing positive benefits to their local community. Their local Khasi staff (mainly women) are some of the friendliest and most respectful people I’ve come across. This is not about luxury (though our premium room was very good), but the hospitality can not be faulted and the food ... well, I stayed for 3 days and everything I ate was excellent - tasty without being overly hot, and very varied.  I would have no hesitation in coming back here if I wanted to enjoy the nearby living root bridges once more. Yes, you could stay in the two more upmarket hotels in Cherrapunjee, but I wouldn’t!

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Cherrapunjee Holiday Resort

Cherrapunjee Holiday Resort

The best place to stay if you want to see the living root bridges of Cherrapunjee.

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