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We are a small team of travellers, with a surprising level of knowledge about the places we sell. We've all made travel our life, and we love it. We each travel a lot ourselves, and this fact (plus our absolute enthusiasm for the places we know) means that we can offer you real expert knowledge.

Our expert knowledge means that you get the tailor made holiday that is really right for you.

Directors Amanda & Guy Marks lead the team, but everyone has a unique role and unique knowledge.

We are based in the barn of an old farmhouse in rural Suffolk, and all live locally. Unless we've gone to the pub, at lunchtime you'll find us in the organic garden, orchard or by the duckpond!

You're very welcome to visit us if you're passing by, but in the meantime, let me introduce everyone...

Amanda Marks

Amanda Marks - Managing Director

Self confessed Africa-lover, but keen on all new travel experiences, Amanda is passionate about getting to know different cultures. She highlights a dugout canoe trip in Zaire (now DRC) as one of her most memorable trips, camping with villagers on the riverbank. She believes that trying new things is the key to exciting travel.

Guy Marks

Guy Marks - Director

Guy first caught the travel bug (amongst other things) when he drove from the UK to Cape Town in the early 80's. His early career saw him involved in agriculture and culminated with a stint in the city as a commodity broker before he threw in the towel and made travel his life.

Tracy Edwards

Tracy Edwards - Travel Consultant

Tracy joined the team in October 2009. Having been born and spent her youth in South Africa, the draw of the animals, the people and wilds of Africa have always run through her veins. After studying Leisure & Tourism at university, she began her travel career in travel. Her delight at being able to plan the perfect trip for one of her clients is palpable.

Paul Cook

Paul Cook - Travel Consultant

Being a former architect, Paul takes an avid interest in the buildings of the areas he specialises in, particularly the minarets! He has been in the travel industry a long time, and covers South America, Asia and the Middle East for us. He's generous with his considerable knowledge.

Sinead Bailey

Sinead Bailey - Travel Consultant

Sinead caught the travel bug following a year out after university. She has worked in the travel industry ever since, and visited many countries including South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Tanzania, Jordan and Sri Lanka to name a few! A particularly memorable trip was a 2 week train journey from Prague to Istanbul. Sinead relishes learning about new destinations and sharing her knowledge with clients. Her latest adventure was taking her family to experience beautiful South Africa, and she can’t wait for the next one!

Christine MacDougall

Christine MacDougall - Travel Consultant

The African dust is firmly planted in Chris's heart. Born in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania she spent much of her childhood in and around Ruaha. It was pure fun. Travel and safari was part of life and through into adulthood fun and travel has never left her. She loves exploring wild open spaces and mountains. Her favourite moment was sharing time with the mountain gorillas in Uganda.

Alex Neaves

Alex Neaves - Travel Consultant

Born in Hong Kong, Alex spent most of his childhood exploring different parts of the world with his family. As soon as he left formal education he embarked on numerous backpacking adventures including South America and Australia. After a 6 year spell in the British Army, Alex returned home to the UK and decided to share this travel knowledge with others by becoming a travel consultant at Tribes.

Rory McCormick

Rory McCormick - Travel Consultant

Rory had an early career in the army and a long period working in the IT industry. He took every opportunity to travel the world to satisfy his naturally inquisitive nature and his fascination with other cultures and environments. Circumstance took him to Latin America and he ended up living there for five years. For a while he managed a lodge down in the Amazon and later moved to Cusco in Peru. He was organising people's holidays locally in Latin America before moving back to the UK and joining the team here at Tribes.

Darren Matthews

Darren Matthews - Digital Marketing Manager

Darren joined the team in mid-2012 has quickly made himself indispensable! He is in charge of all things digital, so looking after this website is a large part of his job. He would be happy to hear from you if you want to make any comments about the site.

Jo Colman-Bown

Jo Colman-Bown - Product Manager

Jo joined Tribes in 2018. After studying fashion at university, she then spent the following 8 years travelling around the globe. Returning to the UK in 1995, she made travel her career and finished a Business degree. Product and marketing became her area of expertise, looking for the best products and offers she can find to you.

Polly Nightingale

Polly Nightingale - Marketing & Sales Assistant

As Tribes admin Guru, Polly is the 'flight control deck' in the office - with her desk of executive toys and colourful spreadsheets, she keeps us all organised and helps everyone ... basically Polly runs the world!

Ali Rowley

Ali Rowley - Marketing & Sales Assistant

Travel has always been part of Ali's life. Since moving to Holland at the age of 4, she hasn't stopped travelling since, taking in Asia, America, large chunks of Europe, culminating in 12 years in Africa. Always keen to visit new and exciting places, meet local people and experience different cultures has resulted in some fantastic experiences over the years. Still on the wish list though, is to see tigers in the wild.

katie Haddon

Katie Haddon - Sales & Marketing Assistant

After leaving school and travelling extensively through Africa, Asia and Australia, Katie’s first proper job was in the travel industry arranging overland trips. She loves a challenge and has tried various other careers such as flower shop owner, apple farmer, journalist and sous chef. The travel industry is where she feels most at home and her ultimate dream is to spend a week cruising the Galapagos Islands on Grace Kelly’s honeymoon yacht….The Grace.




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