Hiking the Annapurna Circuit Trek, Himalayas, Nepal

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A bit of excitement, adventure and effort! These treks are quite tough but they make you feel alive and are in some truly incredible landscapes.

Hiking the Annapurna Circuit Trek, Himalayas, Nepal

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Embrace the unknown path

None of these treks are a stroll in the park but should be accessible to most people of reasonable fitness. Also, they can often be tailored to suit your own particular level of fitness or wish for an easier walk (for example, by missing days out or taking a shorter path).
The treks are all in beautiful places in the world, so you’ll be enjoying stunning scenery, perfect for photography if you’re into that, and they will be a real tonic for body and soul.

We very much enjoyed the camaraderie of the party on our Salkantay trek. Also the deeply moving blessing ceremony from the Inca shaman at the Huaymantay glacier lake. Mountain Lodges gave us unexpected treats every day. We enjoyed every moment.

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Accessing remote areas on foot

Below you will find some wonderful ideas for escaping from the beaten path and exploring more remote areas of the world. Sometimes, meeting the people who live in such places is half of the pleasure, but often the fact that it's just you and the landscape and relatively few (or no) other people makes it particularly special.

When to take these treks

The best thing to do is to talk to us about when might be best to go for these treks. There tend to be pros and cons at different times, depending on your fitness and likes/ dislikes. Call us for a chat.

Want to know more?

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