Holiday review by Mr. David Redwood

Name: Mr. David Redwood

Date of trip: 06/02/2020

Number of people: 2

Amazingly colourful array of birds and butterflies, especially toucans, humming-birds and, of course, the quetzal, motmots and trogons. Enjoyable meeting so many people with a love and appreciation of nature.

  • Hotel Belmar


  • Macaw Lodge is set in lush gardens


  • Si Como No in Manuel Antonio


  • Si Como No in Manuel Antonio


  • Si Como No in Manuel Antonio


  • Balcony view at Finca Rosa Blanca


  • Bedroom at Finca Rosa Blanca


  • The gardens at Finca Rosa Blanca


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Tribes Overall:

Really enjoyable, and most impressed by the country with it’s amazing diversity of flora and fauna, and very friendly people.


On the whole very good, very prompt and apart from a very speedy trip around Lake Arenal with its multitude a tight bends felt quite relaxed despite heavy traffic and tricky conditions on many roads.

The places you stayed

Hotel Belmar

Hotel Belmar

Costa Rica

Enjoyed our stay here particularly as had good sightings of the resplendent quetzal in Curicancho Park, but had a very boring local guide. On our second visit on our own we enjoyed it much more. Good food, and nice room.

Macaw Lodge is set in lush gardens

Macaw Lodge

Costa Rica

Beautifully landscaped gardens with many ponds attracting waterlife. Good birding opportunities here.
Very simple lodges, and I did struggle a bit with the heat and humidity as much hotter than the Caribbean side of the country. Food ok, nothing fancy, but some interesting use of unusual squashes and fruit. The road up to the lodge was pretty terrible, and to visit the Park meant a two hour round trip.

Si Como No in Manuel Antonio

Si Como No

Costa Rica

Nice room, good seafood restaurant and separate adult pool which was enjoyable. Local park was dreadful though did see several sloths along with the masses. Very expensive and poor guide. Would never go back to Manuel Antonio, though doubtless good for beach holidays.

Balcony view at Finca Rosa Blanca

Finca Rosa Blanca

Costa Rica

Enjoyed this stay despite a disappointing room, as all the other rooms seemed much brighter with good valley views. Had a very good guide for a bird walk, and saw many stunning butterflies in the quite extensive grounds.
Motmots a plenty. Disappointed not to have been told previously about the volcano trip, which we would have found more interesting than the alternatives.