Holiday review by Sophie

Name: Sophie

Date of trip: 03/10/2019

Number of people: 2

Being so close to the animals and nature both on safari and in my accommodations. I loved staying in tented lodges and being able to hear the bush activity as I fell asleep at night, and I loved chatting to the lovely staff at the Tarangire lodge.

  • Kirurumu Tarangire Lodge private deck


  • Elephants at Kirurumu Tarangire


  • Kirurumu Manyara Lodge


  • Kirurumu Manyara Lodge


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Tribes Overall:

It was the experience of a lifetime which I will never forget. Given I booked it such short notice (4 days before I flew!) I didn't really know what to expect but it turned out to be beyond my wildest dreams.

Tribes Service:

Tracy literally saved my holiday. I called her up on the verge of tears on the morning of Friday 27th September (due to a broken toe I had to pull out of climbing Kilimanjaro last-minute, a trip that had been 18 months in the planning, and was desperately trying to put something in place before I flew out to Tanzania on the 1st October) and she was kind, supportive, sympathetic, knowledgable and had a full and wonderful itinerary with me within a matter of hours. This is in contrast to the company I booked the Kili climb with who I had been wrestling with to assist me in coming up with a plan B for a week. Tracy then answered every question I had via phone and email, and sent me lots of helpful information on the Friday afternoon so I could start looking at it over the weekend before my travel documents would be available on Monday. In short she was amazing and I am so grateful for her service!


My guide was brilliant - knowledgable, punctual, professional and friendly.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

My guide was super respectful of the animals, wildlife and environment we encountered on safari and taught me a lot about these responsibilities. It was also really wonderful / interesting to be in the presence of Masai at the lodges, however this felt far more authentic at Tarangire than at the Manyara lodge.

The places you stayed

Kirurumu Tarangire Lodge private deck

Kirurumu Tarangire Lodge


Kirurumu Tarangire Lodge is genuinely one of the best places I have ever stayed. The staff (especially Kevin) are simply wonderful & beyond helpful and friendly - "we are here for you"!, the food was delicious (upon asking to taste some traditional African food the chef created me a bespoke dish and it was some of the best food I had on the trip), the tented lodge was very comfortable (although no safe, which meant I had to carry my valuables on me at all times) and the surroundings simply magical - elephants and waterbuck outside my door every day. I also loved being walked to the dining tent every night by a Masai, and really enjoyed the botanical walk with Lebehati & Benjamin. I cannot rate this accommodation highly enough and hope to return one day.

Kirurumu Manyara Lodge

Kirurumu Manyara Lodge


The tented lodge is very comfortable (although no safe, which meant I had to carry my valuables on me at all times) and the vista was absolutely breathtaking. The staff were also friendly and helpful, and the food was very good. However it had an all-round more "Western" feel / felt less authentic than the Tarangire lodge.