Holiday review by Julie

Name: Julie

Date of trip: 08/08/2019

Number of people: 2

I really enjoyed the ability to stop for photos and see unique things in the moment. This ranges from animal sightings to human interactions along the road. The poverty is impossible to ignore but most of the people were curious without being forward. This is a unique country in many ways - it's people, landscapes and remoteness keep me from comparing it to anywhere else.

  • tamboho Hotel and lake


  • The pool at Palissandre Cote Ouest


  • Chalet at Setam Lodge


  • Setam Lodge accommodation


  • The view from Setam Lodge


  • Explore Ranomafana from Setam Lodge


  • Accommodation at Le Jardin du Roy


  • Le Jardin du Roy swimming pool


  • Restaurant at Le Jardin du Roy


  • Jardin du Roy bedroom


  • The pool at Bakuba


  • Bakuba guest suite


  • Relax on the terrace at Bakuba


  • Bakuba sitting room and terrace


  • Black-and-white-ruffed lemur, Madagascar © AGMarks

    Black-and-white-ruffed lemur, Madagascar

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Tribes Overall:

This trip exceeded my expectations in many ways. The vastness of the country requires often slow and rough driving but it was all worthwhile. The variety of landscapes, national parks, and daily experiences were incredible.

Tribes Service:

I received prompt and satisfying responses to all of my queries during our year plus of planning. Sinead, Amanda, Katie were all ready to help regardless of who was available or not.


Our local guides were all eager to show us the uniqueness of their area. Their knowledge certainly helped us to appreciate our adventure. Our driver/guides Rija (eight days) and Bruce (three days) were sensitive to our needs, helpful and provided a clean, safe vehicle. They shared their own lives and provided personal insight into their life in Madagascar.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

Travel to Madagascar brings you close to a remote yet burgeoning society. We were shown the variety of tribes, their cultural differences, and how they live in vastly divergent regions of the country. The wildlife is incomparable. I'd expected to see indigenous birds and animals but it proved to be on a far grander scale that I could have imagined.

The places you stayed

tamboho Hotel and lake

Tamboho Hotel


After a long trip we were happy to arrive and drop our load! Very large room and bathroom with hot water, large towels, storage space. The kitchen was accommodating due to our delayed arrival fed us. Great wine options - French and South African as in most locations. This hotel is in a gated area so we felt safe. Across the street from a grocery market, ATM machine, small modern shops. ATM wasn't working so hotel staff made our exchanges at a local bank.

The pool at Palissandre Cote Ouest

Hotel Palissandre Cote Ouest Resort and Spa


Loved this location on the ocean with clean, sandy grounds and a beautiful pool. You can walk to the waters edge approximately 15 minutes away... it looks closer but isn't. We chose not to due to the locals trying to sell you things! Loved the open air dining and breakfast.

Chalet at Setam Lodge

Setam Lodge


Large size lodge (cabin) with tile floors, mosquito nets, large open shower with ample hot water. Views overlooking the valley and forests. Limited wine and food choices but all satisfactory. Due to energy resources hair dryers not available in the room but we did borrow the one they have at the front desk.

Accommodation at Le Jardin du Roy

Hotel le Jardin du Roy


This is a completely unexpected hotel - turning the corner into the main drive after so many hours of driving was almost overwhelming. THIS in the middle of nowhere? We would love to have stayed here for a couple of nights, which I would recommend if you plan to take advantage of the local hiking, horse riding, etc. Huge comfortably appointed rock lodges, fully equipped. Fabulous dining room with vaulted ceilings, rock décor, and delicious French style cuisine. Ample breakfast, games room, huge bar.

The pool at Bakuba

Bakuba Lodge


Absolutely fantastic resort of a small scale and seemingly remote location. Close to the airport so our departure day wasn't rushed. This is a quiet site with fabulous views to the sea on one side and the countryside and distant mountains on the other side. The kitchen provides delicious, creative meals with local products. Breakfast is incredible and served on the upper terrace overlooking the sea.

Black-and-white-ruffed lemur, Madagascar © AGMarks

Vakona Forest Lodge


Relatively remote location near several national parks and reserves. This is rain forest and so very lush, green, beautiful!! Our lodge was private, quiet, clean. Mosquito nets although we saw none. Tile floors, hot water one day but not the next, variety of bedding in the room in case you were too cold, ample closet and storage space. The main lodge/dining room was spacious and provided games, pool table, large fire in the evenings. Didn't use beautiful pool due to cool weather.