Holiday review by Mr. Charles Whiffin

Name: Mr. Charles Whiffin

Date of trip: 09/04/2019

Number of people: 2

The game drives were the high points of the trip. Getting so close to some of the animals, especially the elephant and lion, was extraordinary. Finding a small pack of wild dogs on the hunt for impala, early one morning, was genuinely exciting. We were following them at some speed (or at least at speeds that the quality of the tracks enabled!) and spotting their movements. Dan hardly concerned at all that he had a trailer on the back of the vehicle!!! Being woken up in the middle of the night by an elephant trumpeting in distress and charging through the undergrowth around the campsite was a little....unnerving! Especially since it went on for about 20 minutes! Learning to identify and follow tracks from the vehicle was an unexpected experience that Dan taught us. The canoe and boat trips were also highlights. Victoria Falls was as spectacular as we had imagined although the spray did restrict some of the views and we got extremely wet from heavy, localised showers in the microclimate generated by the spray. There were excellent perspective views of the Falls from the grounds of the Victoria Falls Hotel.

  • Exterior of Ilala Lodge, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe © Ilala Lodge

    Exterior of Ilala Lodge, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Tribes Overall:

It is always dangerous to build up a holiday in your mind before the event as it is so rare that it lives up to all of your hopes and expectations. No such problems here! We all had a great time and have photos and memories that will genuinely last us a lifetime.

Tribes Service:

Alex was very helpful and responsive from beginning to end. Exactly what was required.


Dan Sechi was an utterly brilliant guide and driver. Put simply, he absolutely made the holiday. He was so friendly, courteous, knowledgable in the extreme, flexible, accommodating and just an all round good guy. We gave him our list of things we most wanted to see and he managed to cross them all off the list by the time we finished. It would be impossible to fault him.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

Dan was keen to point out how much our visiting meant to the local people and explained the benefits to the wider community of our presence and of our local purchases.

The places you stayed

Exterior of Ilala Lodge, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe © Ilala Lodge

Ilala Lodge

Victoria Falls

Very good indeed. Excellent rooms and generally good service and facilities. The service in the restaurant left a bit to be desired but the food was very good. We visited and had a meal at the Victoria Falls Hotel, which seemed very good and in an unparallelled location.