Holiday review by Ray

Name: Ray

Date of trip: 07/02/2019

Number of people: 2

Seeing the birds and animals, the different modes of transport and the accommodations were generally of a high standard. The local agent was spot on, everything they arranged came on time and of a high standard.

  • Walkways, lodge and gardens at Evergreen


  • Evergreen Lodge bedroom


  • The pool at Evergreen Lodge


  • Bosque de Paz


  • Guest room at Bosque de Paz


  • Bosque de Paz lounge


  • The lovely gardens at Bosque de Paz


  • Casa Corcovado Jungle Lodge


  • Casa Corcovado Jungle Lodge


  • Casa Corcovado Jungle Lodge


  • Casa Corcovado Jungle Lodge


  • Parador Resort and Spa


  • Relax on one of the terraces at Parador Resort and Spa


  • Go hiking in Manuel Antonio National Park from Parador Resort & Spa


  • Premuim plus room at Parador Resort and Spa


  • Hotel Presidente lobby


  • Twin room at Hotel Presidente


  • Park near Hotel Presidente


  • Breakfast at Hotel Presidente


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Tribes Overall:

There were a couple of trips I would not want to do again but otherwise it was as expected

Tribes Service:

Paul Cook was efficient and we liked the Vamoos app.


Most guides excellent but one or two a little less so. One, in particular, seemed not to consider the age group of his clientele. A night walk to see nocturnal wildlife turned into a route march!

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

Tourism is important to Costa Rica so it must be beneficial in terms of the economy and that should be reflected in care for the environment but see my comments about Manuel Antonio park. The visit there was not beneficial to the visitors or the animals.

The places you stayed

Walkways, lodge and gardens at Evergreen

Evergreen Lodge

Costa Rica

This was a lodge with basic facilities, the restaurant was 'canteen' style. The pool had disco music which was not our idea of a 'jungle lodge'. In the 3 days, we had three short 'wildlife' excursions which included a village walk and a walk through the grounds of another lodge. the experience was not worth the time, distance and effort getting there. I would not recommend it.

Bosque de Paz

Bosque de Paz

Costa Rica

The setting, accommodation, food and service were excellent. It was cold at night so some additional heating in the rooms would have been nice.

Casa Corcovado Jungle Lodge

Casa Corcovado Jungle Lodge

Costa Rica

Excellent accommodation, food and service in a beautiful setting. The boat ride to and from the resort was very good, as was the boat ride to the snorkelling. The snorkelling experience was not as good as promised.

Parador Resort and Spa

Parador Resort and Spa

Costa Rica

Nice hotel with good rooms, facilities and service, although not a lodge. Our only external wildlife experience here was the visit to Manuel Antonio national park which was terrible. Those wanting a better wildlife experience would do better choosing a different location.

Hotel Presidente lobby

Hotel Presidente

Costa Rica

Ok city centre hotel in good location for looking around the city. Service at breakfast was poor but reception staff were fine.