Holiday review by Mrs. Judith Delap

Name: Mrs. Judith Delap

Date of trip: 29/01/2019

Number of people: 2

Close engagement with the rainforest and cloud forest environment. We specially enjoyed staying in smaller scale places such as Hacienda la Isla with a more personal touch. We loved the range of different activities especially the walks. For the last 4 days we were on our own in an area which is probably not so well known, the Pacific coast south of Dominical is beautiful, unspoilt and uncrowded.

  • Radisson San Jose swimming pool


  • Cafe Tropical at Radisson San Jose


  • Cabin at Evergreen Lodge in Tortuguero, Costa Rica © AGMarks

    Cabin at Evergreen Lodge in Tortuguero, Costa Rica

  • Trapp Family Lodge


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Tribes Overall:

Everything worked well according to the itinerary. No complaints at all. Certainly lived up to our expectations.

Tribes Service:

Generally very good. Some of the information was a bit non specific as to the activities and how to access them but mostly it was fine. Tracy was helpful and flexible in arranging our trip. The Vamoos app was particularly helpful and worked well as a GPS.


Most of them were excellent. One or two a bit less so. We liked Fernando in Tortuguero very much. Jose at Hacienda la Isla was also lovely. We had a good visit to La Selva with a guide called Joe who was very knowledgeable. Felix at Monteverde stood out. Most of the guides had excellent English and a thorough knowledge of the environments we were in and we learnt a lot from them.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

A mixed bag. We were clearly contributing to the local green economy in that we were supporting some biodiversity initiatives. There are problems in that tourism is generating a lot of traffic on the roads and on the waterways around Tortuguero.

The places you stayed

Radisson San Jose swimming pool

Radisson San Jose

Costa Rica

Adequate to our needs but a bit big and not walking distance from the centre of SAN Jose which meant we had to use taxis.

Cabin at Evergreen Lodge in Tortuguero, Costa Rica © AGMarks

Evergreen Lodge

Tortuguero National Park

Comfortable, we felt we were being processed through our time there with all activities having to fit into a time slot but realise this is probably inevitable. A bit more flexibility and choice would have been appreciated. We loved the environment and setting of the Lodge.

Trapp Family Lodge

Trapp Family Lodge

Costa Rica

One of our favourites. Lovely staff, very accommodating. Because of the location we appreciated the fact that it had a comfortable place to spend the evening meaning we didn’t have to out. Lovely rooms with beautiful view of the cloud forest. It is worth warning future travellers that at 5000 ft it is cold and we were glad of our warm clothes.