Holiday review by Professor Brent Davies

Name: Professor Brent Davies

Date of trip: 09/01/2019

Number of people: 2

Galapagos animals, the three parks in Costa Rica. The only poor one was the Volcano tour in Nayara Spring - little to see and hard climb.

  • Patio Andaluz


  • King room at Patio Andaluz


  • Courtyard restaurant at Patio Andaluz


  • Artwork at Patio Andaluz


  • Grace Galapagos yacht at sunset


  • Outdoor seating area on Grace


  • Grace Kelly suite


  • Drinks and meals on deck


  • Balcony view at Finca Rosa Blanca


  • Bedroom at Finca Rosa Blanca


  • The gardens at Finca Rosa Blanca


  • Nayara Springs in Arenal, Costa Rica © 2017 Miles Photography

    Nayara Springs in Arenal, Costa Rica

  • Aerial view of pool at Nayara Springs in Arenal, Costa Rica © 2017 Miles Photography

    Aerial view of pool at Nayara Springs in Arenal, Costa Rica

  • Room at Nayara Springs in Arenal, Costa Rica © Nayara Springs

    Room at Nayara Springs in Arenal, Costa Rica

  • Hotel Belmar


  • Arenas Del Mar pool


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Tribes Overall:

All very good except last location - too long and too uncomfortable.

Tribes Service:

Very responsive


Galapagos guides and the individual tour guides all excellent.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

No comment

The places you stayed

Patio Andaluz

Patio Andaluz


Great location in the heart of the town. Staff were very helpful and the dinning room was very special in the courtyard. Wine was ridiculously expensive with a mark up that was excessive. We had a duplex room with a very challenging staircase - I would avoid this type of room. Overall a good place to stay.

Grace Galapagos yacht at sunset


Galapagos Islands

Great time at the Galapagos and the guides Roberto and Christina were excellent. Saw some stunning sights and animals. Two negatives the boat has no stabilisers and we should have been told about this by Tribes (one night it was very rough). Also, Tribes should have warned us about the Tip situation $200 for the Guides and $400 for the crew. We had to get the washout of a cash machine (very expensive) if Paul had told us about this we would have taken the cash!!TRIBES RESPONSE: Some of the Galapagos yachts do give advice for very high "suggested" tips - Tribes has looked into this situation and the guides and crew are well paid in the islands and we think the recommended about can be extremely high and any tips should be at the passengers discretion.

Balcony view at Finca Rosa Blanca

Finca Rosa Blanca

Costa Rica

The Coffee Plantation tour was excellent we learn a great deal. The rooms in the hotel are a weird shape which takes some getting used to. A good two nights break when travelling but I am not sure we would have wanted to stay longer. The waiters at meals were surly and not into the service culture.

Nayara Springs in Arenal, Costa Rica © 2017 Miles Photography

Nayara Springs


Very expensive but very good! Service was excellent and the food always good. This is a 6 star resort! The rooms are of an excellent size and the personal plunge pool is a slight. The free laundry when travelling is very helpful. Could not fault it in any way.

Hotel Belmar

Hotel Belmar

Costa Rica

Stunning setting for the hotel with great vies from the dinning room. Great tour to the Curi Cancha reserve with a great guide Marvin. Expensive accommodation and full board so it was pathetic at breakfast if I wanted the mixed fruit juice instead of orange it would be extra!!! You cannot be serious a five star response it was not.

Arenas Del Mar pool

Arenas Del Mar

Manuel Antonio & the south Pacific

The setting for this hotel is stunning. Staff were very helpful and accommodating. The smaller beach had lots of shade and was excellent for lunch and the pool. The only downside was that the rooms were rather small for the money.

Chayote Lodge

Chayote Lodge

Costa Rica

Our last night in Costa Rica. Great to be out of the city with such stunning views of the Central Valley truly breathtaking. Cool air after the heat was great. The staff were extremely helpful and welcoming. The room was large and very clean with panoramic view from the windows. Only downside they charged us for breakfast when is was supposed to be included!