Holiday review by Dominique

Name: Dominique

Date of trip: 15/01/2019

Number of people: 2

The friend I travelled with loved the gorilla trip, but for me it was having the animals around the camp at Mdonya Old River Camp especially being greeted back to camp by one of the 'camp elephants' and then another joining us at the start of supper. We seemed to have luck wherever we went and enjoyed all the experiences, including things like the border crossing between Rwanda and Uganda, which is very 'different'!

  • Hotel des Mille Collines


  • Hotel des Mille Collines


  • Hotel des Mille Collines


  • Mdonya Old River


  • Butiama Beach, Mafia Island, Tanzania © AGMarks

    Butiama Beach, Mafia Island, Tanzania

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Tribes Overall:

Well coordinated apart from one blip.

Great balance apart from our last destination, but that was our suggestion to stay an extra night.

Tribes Service:

We would use Tribes again, thank you Christine for all your help.

Might be helpful to have up to the minute visa advice as standard.

We appreciated the 2 hotels that filled in waiting time between flights/destinations. We would have certainly struggled without them.


Everyone tried hard.

Our 'gorilla' driver was keen to please but lacked confidence.

Faultless at Mydona.

Communication difficulty at the start of Serena, but everything was done to put it right and more.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

An expensive trip, but hopefully part of that is the contribution to the country/experience as well as profit for the provider.

The places you stayed

Hotel des Mille Collines

Hotel des Mille Collines


Modern business hotel, perfect for a few hours ahead of our flight.

Mdonya Old River

Mdonya Old River Camp

Ruaha National Park

Amazing place and amazing staff, especially our driver Thomas and guide Henry. They couldn't have done more to make our stay memorable.

And great camp hosts, Iris and Kingsley.

Far from being a basic camp, but really surrounded by the bush and it's animal occupants - lots of animal noises at night, including lions.

Butiama Beach, Mafia Island, Tanzania © AGMarks

Butiama Beach

Mafia Island

Our hottest destination of the trip and whilst it all looked lovely, the accommodation didn't have air conditioning. Even with 2 fans our nights were uncomfortable.

The food was more than disappointing. Very limited lunchtime menu. And the fish appeared to be frozen and was often overcooked.