Holiday review by Mr. Henry Saltmarsh & Mrs Vicki Saltmarsh

Name: Mr. Henry Saltmarsh & Mrs Vicki Saltmarsh

Date of trip: 14/10/2018

Number of people: 2

WILDLIFE - WILDLIFE - WILDLIFE We were lucky in that the weather was dry whilst at Napo Wildlife Centre and were able to see much wildlife but not a wet rainforest! Going around in paddle canoes was delightful. All passengers on Letty were naturally English speaking which made life easy in that respect and generally speaking our guides, José and Karine, made us feel like a team and thus we bonded well.

  • Patio Andaluz


  • King room at Patio Andaluz


  • Courtyard restaurant at Patio Andaluz


  • Artwork at Patio Andaluz


  • Napo Wildlife Centre from the lake


  • Parrot clay lick near Napo Wildlife Centre


  • Boat trip at Napo Wildlife Centre


  • Caiman near Napo Wildlife Centre


  • Letty in the Galapagos Islands


  • Letty lounge


  • Sea lion and boat


  • Sundeck on MY Letty


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Tribes Overall:

It probably exceeded our expectations.

Tribes Service:

Paul has been very helpful throughout. He clearly accurately assessed our expectations and standards when we first met and we have always been fully informed.


Esteban in Quito was first class and looked after us well and readily advised on and arranged at our request a tour out to see Hummingbirds and the Equator museum on our second day.

Oscar with Dario at NWC were just as good and knowledgeable and very helpful. We felt we possibly had the top guides to ourselves for the 3 days.

José and Karine were equally as good though José did have a tendency to steam ahead of the pack when guiding us. They generously transferred their photos of our groups week with much of the wildlife featured on to our own memory sticks.

All our guides had a good sense of humour.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

Economically I imagine tourism is an immense help but if nobody ever went to these places then maybe the status quo, whatever that is now, would be better maintained. It does seem the real damage was done centuries ago and present generations are trying hard to repair the damage. A balance has to be struck and it seems the management and disciplines of the tourist industry are as good as it can be in Ecuador.

The places you stayed

Patio Andaluz

Patio Andaluz


A lovely characterful hotel centrally situated. We really felt we were in Ecuador. We ate in and eventually learned that only one course was necessary given the quantities provided! We also learnt that "shrimps" means "large prawns" in Ecuador.

Napo Wildlife Centre from the lake

Napo Wildlife Centre


It might have been more of a challenge if it had rained but we found the setting lovely. It seems NWC may have the best arrangements for viewing the Macaws and Parakeets at the clay lick. Other tourist groups came and went to the lick without seeing much activity.

Letty in the Galapagos Islands

MY Letty

Galapagos Islands

Somewhat compact accommodation but we soon got used to it and settled in. The steward's attention to the canon was exemplary and all the crew were very hardworking and efficient. There was never a dull moment.