Holiday review by Mr. Francis Wilkin

Name: Mr. Francis Wilkin

Date of trip: 27/09/2018

Number of people: 2

Seeing the Falls, seeing our first leopards, a pair hunting together at night getting very close to catching an Impala (thrilling) and the whole laid back, slightly hippy vibe of Kaya Mawa which is very different to normal upscale tropical resorts with no fences or gates, locals mixing with guests on the beach, no locking doors or windows - wonderful.

  • Waterberry Lodge from the Zambezi River


  • Waterberry Lodge sunbird and wagtail cottages


  • Waterberry Lodge, pool


  • Waterberry Lodge, dining room


  • Zungulila Bushcamp lounge


  • Zungulila accommodation


  • Dining at Zungulila


  • The firepit at Zungulila


  • Kaya Mawa aerial view


  • Kaya Mawa lodge


  • Kaya Mawa


  • Kaya Mawa view of lake Malawi


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Tribes Overall:

Exceeded expectations.

Tribes Service:

Chris was very helpful during the booking process. The Vamoos app was excellent.


They were all outstanding, friendly and incredibly knowledgeable.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

Appeared so, especially at Kaya Mawa

The places you stayed

Waterberry Lodge from the Zambezi River

Waterberry Lodge


Perfect place to spend a couple of days at the start or end of a trip.

Zungulila Bushcamp lounge



Wonderfully remote.

Kaya Mawa aerial view

Kaya Mawa


See comments above. It's not like a typical Caribbean or Indian Ocean resort with manicured lawns, expensive boutiques and loads of air conditioning. It's more like a guest house for a bygone era. And the food is amazing. The queasily would not be out of place Ina top London restaurant, but it's on an island that relies for an aged weekly tramp steamer for supplies. Incredible.