Holiday review by Ms. Jane Simpson

Name: Ms. Jane Simpson

Date of trip: 14/09/2018

Number of people: 2

From the first night, when an impala was chased through camp by 5 wild dogs to meet his end not a metre behind us as we sat relaxing at the table after dinner, this was going to be a trip full of memories. Although difficult to witness, the kill brought home the reality of simple camping in Africa and it was obvious that this was not going to be an ordinary safari. The company of the small group of like-minded travelers and the enthusiasm of the guide and camp staff made each day one to be looked forward to with great anticipation. Catering was remarkable, with three-course dinners each night and freshly baked caked made in a bush oven on offer daily. The visit to camp of a large bull elephant one afternoon while I sat alone in the mess tent reading was to be treasured once my heart rate returned to normal : "It's OK - he knows you're here" I told myself as he ambled around quietly munching and then gently made his way off back into the bush. I have returned with enough great photos to be able to bore my friends for months!

  • Letaka Safaris tent, Botswana © Letaka Safaris

    Letaka Safaris tent, Botswana

Tribes Overall:

The trip could not have been better : it more than lived up to expectations. I booked with a certain amount of trepidation : as a old Africa resident of almost 20 years in total, I was torn between wanting to be steeped in its magic again, and being afraid that I could be desperately disappointed. However, it encapsulated the best of nostalgia with truly remarkable care and attention to detail at every stage.

Tribes Service:

Every query I had was answered promptly and efficiently, and the extra night's accommodation booked at the beginning of the trip was perfectly in tune with the rest of the trip - simple, yet comfortable, and giving a good flavour of what was to come.


Our Guide, Nkosi, was superb : he must have grown out of the very earth of Africa such was the depth and variety of his knowledge. His love for his country, the wildlife and flora in it, and his joy at imparting his wisdom shone through. It was a real privilege to share his insights and to watch him interact with wildlife to give us the best possible experiences. A talented photographer himself, he was able to place us in the best possible locations for photographs, whilst at all times respecting the needs of the wildlife. He drove us around with skill, responsibility and concern for our comfort and welfare through some very challenging situations.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

Hopefully, our short stay in the Khwai Community Area benefited the local people who run it and the small shop at the entrance to the area. Certainly, the environment and wildlife benefited from the engagement of visitors with the aims of the government and local people in wildlife conservation. The simple, low impact, style of the camps was such that, when visitors leave, there is no sign that they had ever been there : every trace of recent human habitation is removed.

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Letaka Safaris tent, Botswana © Letaka Safaris

Letaka Safaris Mobile Camping

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Difficult to see how their service could be improved.