Holiday review by Ms. Tania Powell

Name: Ms. Tania Powell

Date of trip: 09/08/2018

Number of people: 2

Michael, our first guide, definitely made this trip special. We managed to see a hyena and about 50 vultures devour a dead gnu, which was interesting to watch, even though I am vegetarian. We sat for a long time watching 6 lionesses waiting to pounce on a herd of buffalo. They unfortunately didn't manage to get one, but it was an exciting and tense time. We were lucky enough to see a baby zebra take its first steps.

  • Bar at Sable Mountain Lodge, Nyerere / Selous, Tanzania © AGMarks

    Bar at Sable Mountain Lodge, Nyerere / Selous, Tanzania

  • Bush Rover: a quirky place to stay in Tanzania © Bush Rover

    Bush Rover: a quirky place to stay in Tanzania

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Tribes Overall:

Our holiday definitely lived up to our expectations. We didn't expect to see so many animals and our guides really helped make this possible.
We thought 10 days was perfect in order to see and study the animals in depth. Every day we saw something new.
We were a little worried as we have never had an organised holiday but it was perfect. We were lucky that the three of us were alone in our truck most days.

Tribes Service:

We definitely had a positive experience with Tribes and our booking. All information was extremely helpful. Our consultant, Christine, was great. She talked me through everything and understood what I did and didn't want. She suggested Selous and Ruaha instead of the Serengeti, as she knew we would prefer a quieter area. I am glad she did suggest that.


We cannot speak highly enough about our guide, Michael, who was with us for 6 days, in Sable Mountain Lodge and the Bush Rover. He had a great knowledge of the area, animals, birds and Masai. He also went above and beyond the call of duty, when he helped us get our lost luggage back. He was always there to answer our questions and to help us with anything and I would say he was more than a guide.
Our other guide, Doto, who was with us on the safaris in Ruaha, was also great. He made a lot of effort to try to help us see cheetahs and leopards and, although, we didn't manage that, he certainly did his best.
Our drivers were also very responsible.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

I am afraid I could not tell either way. I imagine tourists being there helps with jobs. I was glad to see that all staff were local.

The places you stayed

Bar at Sable Mountain Lodge, Nyerere / Selous, Tanzania © AGMarks

Sable Mountain Lodge

Nyerere National Park (Selous)

We loved this lodge and the staff. The room had an amazing view and we particularly enjoyed the outdoor shower with a view over the valley.
All the staff were so friendly and helpful and made us so welcome. We felt it had a very intimate atmosphere.
The food was also very good and they they catered well for vegetarians.

Bush Rover: a quirky place to stay in Tanzania © Bush Rover

Bush Rover

Serengeti and Nyerere

One of the highlights of our trip. It was amazing how the Bush Rover was made to feel so comfortable and was so well equipped. It had been parked at the edge of the lake, so we could see and hear hippos all the time.
We loved having our meals in the adjoining tent.