Holiday review by Mrs. Georgiana Geernaert

Name: Mrs. Georgiana Geernaert

Date of trip: 26/06/2018

Number of people: 2

So many special moments: Meeting the people; listening to the sounds of Africa; seeing so much wildlife so close up; being surrounded by elephants, including babies; being mock charged by another elephant; baby giraffe and seeing a giraffe giving birth; seeing feeding, resting and wounded lions; the mongoose all standing to attention, the wild dogs, the playful hippos, the variety of stunning birds; the bee eaters colony. Throughout there was the backdrop of unforgettable scenery seen from those little planes including having giraffe on the runaway necessitating a second approach, from the cars, from underwater, when stopping in the bush for meals, by the camp fires, from the safari rooms.

  • The beach at The Manta Resort


  • Bedroom at The Manta Resort


  • Go diving at The Manta Resort


  • The Manta Resort aerial view


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Tribes Overall:

More than lived up to our expectations - it was fabulous!

It was expensive but worth it!

Tribes Service:

Great to have a bound trip holiday document, despite some of the grey typeface hard to read, with additional info and the ever helpful packing checklists included.

Tribes staff always helpful and prompt to respond throughout. We particularly valued this when our international outward bound plane was delayed; they sorted someone to meet and guide us through the teaming airport, overnight accommodation and taxi service in Dar Es Salam and the next internal flight. Ditto on return, a relaxing stop over in the off -airport Coastal Airways lounge. In both cases, everyone we met added plenty of local vibrancy to our holiday and helped dissolve possible stress.


Everyone was very good indeed, so knowledgeable, explaining things clearly and so inspiringly good at sighting wildlife including all drivers and boat captains, who made it comfortable, ensuring we saw a lot and always had good views.
Meleso, the Masai guide at Selous, was simply the best. Dodo at Ruaha so calm, considerate and friendly, David the diving instructor and Jolo for snorkelling likewise. They each gave us a really splendid, special holiday.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

Yes, because Tribes does much to offset carbon footprint and help the environment. For us our trip brought home how valuable the safari parks and beautiful marine conservation areas are.

We visited a local village in Pemba with Sele from Manta Resort because we asked to do this. Clearer, more formal opportunities for guests to do this or similar might help place greater emphasis on social and environmental responsibility from us all.

Could each lodge give a guided tour of their environmental efforts?
Also, what happens to all those plastic water bottles? We met a philanthropist who was helping a village bore for water.

The places you stayed

The beach at The Manta Resort

The Manta Resort


A stunning venue in the north of the island. What a ride to get there too - an amazing 1.5 hr road journey from the airport through busy, colourful rural life culminating in an off road, rain-forest safari ride.
At Manta everything was beautifully appointed, menus delicious, spa relaxing and all staff ever helpful, attentive and with a great sense of humour. We were blown away by the snorkelling and diving 7am trips to a magical, blue planet world. Although we didn't get there everyone who stayed at the underwater lodge room returned ecstatic. We went instead to visit a village where we met local children, another true highlight.