Holiday review by Mrs. Jean Scouse

Name: Mrs. Jean Scouse

Date of trip: 02/04/2018

Number of people: 2

Having been on the safaris we were driving through Cape Town when our 7 year old suddenly said "Oh, there's a cheetah in that car" - "we're not on safari now you know, and they don't go in cars!" Seconds later a car with a cheetah in a cage in the back passed us en route to the Cheetah Sanctuary! Not only did we see all the big 5 but also a cheetah which was special. The first time we saw the Falls with so much water gushing through them was a breathtaking moment for all of us. Zambezi cruise was exceptionally wonderful. Our 14 year old climbed Table Mountain with his dad in 1 hour 25 minutes!

  • Nottens Bush Camp


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Tribes Overall:

Went beyond expectation - particularly appreciated the "meet and greet" arranged for each airport arrival.

Tribes Service:

Felt that Tracy was a confident travel expert. She provided an excellent selection of accommodation and was always prepared to answer my anxieties. Also she understood our requirements very well - so good to have two rooms each time, be near to the Waterfront, use traditional Lokathula, and Nottens real bush camp!


Safari guide Joe was wonderful - particularly with the children. He was knowledgeable, helpful and good company.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

It is hard to know. We were so welcomed and amazed at the facility the locals had for our language. We probably learned more from being there than benefiting their way of life.

The places you stayed

Nottens Bush Camp

Nottens Bush Camp

South Africa

Loved all the staff and they were exceptionally good with our children. It was like being in someone's home. Food was very special and plentiful. Rooms were fantastic - if, in our case rather far from each other.