Holiday review by Mr Andre Morrison

Name: Mr Andre Morrison

Date of trip: 01/02/2018

Number of people: 2

Animals!! But not just as expected in the Galapagos - the Amazon and Costa Rica were equally special. Seeing pink river dolphins and giant otters in the Amazon and being amongst the monkeys, iguanas, sloths and all manner of birds including macaws and parrots in Costa Rica was a total surprise but really special.

  • La Casona de la Ronda interior


  • La Casona de la Ronda room


  • La Casona de la Ronda dining room


  • La Casona de la Ronda lounge


  • Cruising the Amazon on MV Manatee


  • Deck dining on Manatee


  • River view from MV Manatee


  • Jungle walk from Manatee


  • Hacienda Hato Verde


  • Cosy sitting room at Hato Verde


  • Hato Verde bedroom


  • The bullring at Hacienda Hato Verde


  • Hacienda Manteles main house


  • Horse riding at Hacienda Manteles


  • Hacienda Manteles junior suite


  • The lounge at Hacienda Manteles


  • Hacienda Abraspungo


  • Bedroom at Hacienda Abraspungo


  • Hacienda Abraspungo rooms


  • Hacienda Abraspungo and gardens


  • Santa Lucia Hotel


  • Santa Lucia Hotel


  • Santa Lucia Hotel


  • Santa Lucia Hotel


  • Grand Hotel


  • Bedroom at Grand Hotel


  • Grand Hotel outdoor pool


  • Grand Hotel lobby


  • Beluga Galapagos Yacht


  • Beluga sun deck


  • Double cabin on Beluga


  • Beluga twin cabin


  • Hotel Presidente lobby


  • Twin room at Hotel Presidente


  • Park near Hotel Presidente


  • Breakfast at Hotel Presidente


  • Hotel Arenal Springs


  • Hotel Arenal Springs


  • Hotel Arenal Springs


  • Hotel Arenal Springs


  • Parador Resort and Spa


  • Relax on one of the terraces at Parador Resort and Spa


  • Go hiking in Manuel Antonio National Park from Parador Resort & Spa


  • Premuim plus room at Parador Resort and Spa


  • Lapa Rios


The places you stayed

La Casona de la Ronda interior

La Casona de la Ronda


Very surprised that we were advised by both the hotel and the local guide not to venture out after dark as it was dangerous to do so. We were disappointed by this as we do enjoy eating out at local bars & restaurants when we visit a place. Maybe a hotel in a safer location would be better.

Cruising the Amazon on MV Manatee

MV Manatee


It appeared that our arrival in Coca was too early for the Manatee staff to cope with. They were not ready for our arrival and we had to wait a considerable time before we were taken to the Manatee by motorised canoe.Reply from Tribes: We looked into this and received the following details from the Manatee:As soon as passengers arived in Coca they were informed that the vessel was awaiting a fuel delivery which had been delayed on the roads. Meantime passengers were taken to the VIP Lounge at Cocas Pier where they were offered tea, coffee, snacks, internet service etc. Passengers arrived at Coca at 7.00 and left the airport for the lounge at 7.25. At 8.15 they departed by canoe to embark on the MV Manatee.

Hacienda Hato Verde

Hacienda Hato Verde


Nice Hacienda, but we had a very awkward situation on the second night when the family had personal house guests staying. We felt quite uncomfortable and felt as though we were intruding being amongst an Ecuadorian family and their friends in their own house before and during dinner. They were perfectly polite and seemed happy for us to be there, but it was a total surprise to us.Reply from the owners of Hato Verde: It really was a pleasure to share with Mr. & Mrs. Morrison as well as the other guests, who were not family but Ecuadorian people who stayed for their holiday.

Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel


Beluga Galapagos Yacht


Galapagos Islands

Good staff and a great guide. However, we felt that the first day was too long, given that we had an early flight to Baltra followed by a full day of activities until 5pm. We felt that a half day with time to settle into the boat would have been a better start to the week.

Hotel Presidente lobby

Hotel Presidente

Costa Rica

Lapa Rios

Lapa Rios

Costa Rica

Excellent hotel and service. It may be out of necessity, but we found the menus limited and quite repetitive. However, the food was of a good standard. It was also strange that all of the lodges seemed to be marketed as the same, despite lodges 1&2 being at the entrance and 12 - 17 being some distance from the main building. We were actually moved from lodge 16 to lodge 9, but if we hadn't been then being so far from the main building would have lessened an otherwise fantastic stay. We were unable to request one of the closer lodges and would have been disappointed to have a further away one which presumably cost the same amount.