Holiday review by Mrs. Rosemary Banwell

Name: Mrs. Rosemary Banwell

Date of trip: 13/02/2018

Number of people: 2

Loved the fact that we saw so many different areas of Costa Rica. The staff, apart from one, and Costa Rican people were helpful and pleasant. We enjoyed the fact that we kept bumping into travellers we had met at different places. Of course the birds, animals, flora and fauna.

  • Hotel Presidente lobby


  • Twin room at Hotel Presidente


  • Park near Hotel Presidente


  • Breakfast at Hotel Presidente


  • Aninga Lodge walkway and rooms


  • Canal near Aninga Lodge


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Tribes Overall:

The holiday was well organised by Paul from Costa Rica Holidays at short notice. The holiday was all we expected.

Tribes Service:

Paul answered all our questions perfectly and I had a few. The pre-departure details were very extensive and made us think as we have travelled a lot but realised they were for everyone. Paul was excellent with all his advice.


Most were excellent and all very knowledgeable however I think 10 people should be the limit in a group. One in particular made an extra trip in Arenal so we could collect our swimwear for the evening thermal trip.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

Everyone we spoke to were conscious of the responsibilities. I was suprised by the amount of rubbish on the roadsides but far better than India.

The places you stayed

Hotel Presidente lobby

Hotel Presidente

Costa Rica

A very short stay but no problems and it was clean. Not the perfect venue when masses of people trying to get their luggage to the waiting coaches down various streets.

Aninga Lodge walkway and rooms

Aninga Lodge

Costa Rica

Fantastic. They were very well rehearsed in looking after all the guests needs.