Holiday review by Ms. Jacqueline Jenkins

Name: Ms. Jacqueline Jenkins

Date of trip: 22/01/2018

Number of people: 2

Seeing turtles struggling, exhausted, back to the sea after laying their eggs in the sand was emotional. Huge effort to get back to the safety of the water. It was good to see the wardens marking the nests to facilitate protection of the young once they hatched. I think the most remarkable part was the way the wildlife "ruled" the islands. They were not to be disturbed in any way, so if we wanted to disembark from our boat onto a jetty and a sea lion was having a nap on the steps, we just had to wait!

  • Archipel I


  • Sundeck on Archipel I


  • Archipel I twin cabin


  • The bridge on Archipel I


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Tribes Overall:

Equador was a fascinating country. Lovely friendly people and spectacular wildlife, especially birds

Tribes Service:

All pre-departure information accurate and helpful. Booking agent knowledgeable .


Great guide. Lived on Galapagos all her life. Very knowledgable and interesting.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

In general terms Galapagos Cruise is positive for environment as creating employment and funding for conservation.

The places you stayed

Archipel I

Archipell I

Galapagos Islands

Loved the Archipell. Great crewe and excellent guide. Food was really good, given that two little guys were cooking 3 meals a day for 27 people. First really "hot" breakfast in Equador. I hate cold eggs! Very caring staff, helped when I was struggling on some of the rough volcanic terrain. Crewe amazing wildlife spotters too. Found the bar arrangements a little strange. No record or signature required for drinks. The barman just wrote down what we had on a post it and told us what we owed at the end of the cruise.