Holiday review by Mr. Peter Cannell

Name: Mr. Peter Cannell

Date of trip: 30/01/2018

Number of people: 2

Cost Rica in general - lots of friendly people - the rainforest and the wildlife - and the food!

  • Restaurant and bar at Alta Hotel


  • The pool and restaurant at Alta Hotel


  • Alta Hotel bedroom


  • Alta Hotel terrace


  • Walkway at Selva Verde Lodge


  • Sarapiqur River by Selva Verde Lodge


  • Parador Resort and Spa


  • Relax on one of the terraces at Parador Resort and Spa


  • Go hiking in Manuel Antonio National Park from Parador Resort & Spa


  • Premuim plus room at Parador Resort and Spa


  • Casa Corcovado Jungle Lodge


  • Casa Corcovado Jungle Lodge


  • Casa Corcovado Jungle Lodge


  • Casa Corcovado Jungle Lodge


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Tribes Service:

Alex and Paul were both very helpful. In retrospect we might have contributed more to the dialogue ourselves. This was our first holiday of this type - we've previously travelled independently and 'followed our noses' with relatively little prior planning.

Swiss Travel were also very helpful - they consulted over a change that had to be made to the travel arrangements and the new arrangements were brilliant.


All of the guides were competent, friendly and efficient

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

The choice of locations was good. We did wonder whether there might be scope for joining up travel arrangements a little more - 2 people in a large van for a long journey isn't very efficient and we met some fellow tribes travellers with similar itineraries to ours who we could probably have shared some some journeys with.

The places you stayed

Restaurant and bar at Alta Hotel

Alta Hotel

Costa Rica

Very nice place and ideal for our first night. However, we feel that it was a waste of our last day being 'stuck' in Santa Ana for the duration. We would have liked to be able to use the time to see a little of San Jose (as indeed another of your clients on a similar itinerary did).

Walkway at Selva Verde Lodge

Selva Verde Lodge

Costa Rica

There were problems with the first two bungalows we were allocated - badly broken toilet in the first and broken air conditioning (which to be honest we weren't very concerned about) in the second. However, the manager insisted on moving us in to a very large and well appointed house in the grounds of the hotel!

Casa Corcovado Jungle Lodge

Casa Corcovado Jungle Lodge

Costa Rica

This was probably the highlight of the trip. Wonderful location. However, could we suggest that you do not book the Cano Island boat tour as a matter of course? It is not really an island visit, it is a snorkelling trip. All 3 of us booked on it on the day we went (all from tribes) would have preferred another walking tour.