Holiday review by Mrs. Una Whicheloe

Name: Mrs. Una Whicheloe

Date of trip: 23/01/2018

Number of people: 2

We loved the train journey to Machu Pichu and particularly the second day when we were on our own so could walk up to the Sun Gate. Blessed with fabulous weather which all helped.

  • Wyndham Costa del Sol


  • Twin room at Wyndham Costa del Sol


  • Aranwa Cusco Boutique Hotel exterior


  • The entrance to Aranwa Cusco Boutique Hotel


  • El MaPi enxtrance


  • Suite at El MaPi


  • El MaPi spa pool


  • The bar at El MaPi


  • La Casona de la Ronda interior


  • La Casona de la Ronda room


  • La Casona de la Ronda dining room


  • La Casona de la Ronda lounge


  • Beagle Galapagos Yacht


  • Beagle Galapagos Yacht


  • Beagle Galapagos Yacht


  • Beagle Galapagos Yacht


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The places you stayed

Wyndham Costa del Sol

Wyndham Costa del Sol Lima Airport


Convenient and very comfortable

Aranwa Cusco Boutique Hotel exterior

Aranwa Cusco Boutique Hotel


Lovely hotel

El MaPi enxtrance

El MaPi


Comfortable but rather characterless in a place where there were lots of interesting places to stay - maybe not so luxurious but fitting.
Aguas Calientes : the evening meal included in El MaPi Hotel although very nice was a bit soulless. There are so many good characterful little restaurants around which would have been preferable. The spa pools are fun and worth pointing out to clients as well as "bring your swimming stuff". We hired bathers and towel but better to have your own!

Beagle Galapagos Yacht


Galapagos Islands

The Beagle is a fine looking boat but quite old : Aircon in cabins was noisy and difficult to control, Having a single and a double bunk in each cabin meant no usable double bed and very limited storage space. Crew were brilliant fun and constantly looking to help. Paul, the guide gave us very clear instructions every day so we knew exactly what was to happen and this was very helpful. He was really attentive at all times. The food, I have to say was only average although plenty of it.
• We found that by the last day, we had done enough walks as they had got a bit repetitive – 5 days would have been plenty but that is just a personal view. It happened to be very hot and with no shade , it made walking and standing around a bit trying. The terrain is quite tricky sometimes which needs to made clear in your itinerary
• Snorkelling was exciting with sharks, rays and large shoals of fish but it was challenging in quite rough seas - so important to check with your clients that they are happy in deep water. Fortunately we are ardent snorkellers so loved it.
• The day we left the boat, we did rather feel that we were shovelled off very quickly in order for the next group to arrive. The morning trip was an hour’s panda ride starting at 6am and we had left the boat by about 9.15. This meant about a 3 hour wait at the airport, one of which was standing around before we could even check in. Maybe something to note.