Holiday review by Mrs. Justine Addison

Name: Mrs. Justine Addison

Date of trip: 04/02/2018

Number of people: 2

The scenery and accommodation in Franschhoek was amazing and breath-taking. The quirkiness of the hotel in Oudtshoorn was brilliant and unique and we were lucky enough to have an almost mini safari in the morning that we stayed there. We were meant to see just the meerkats but ended up seeing zebra, giraffe and buffalo. Quite something when you'd only planned for a bleary eyed coffee with a few meerkats in the distance! The driving between locations was indescribable and made us Brits feel pretty jealous of the sheer vastness of South Africa. Every turn was spectacular and there were constant woops of delight as we dodged baboons and ostrich all the way along the coast. If we had to pick a best day of the holiday it would be on safari, at Pumba doing the photography safari with Neale. There were just three of us in the vehicle for 2 hours learning how to take amazing pictures with a man who clearly knew his stuff and was very passionate about what he was doing.

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Tribes Overall:

This holiday was very well planned with excellent accommodation recommendations and advice. The holiday was just getting better and better day by day.

Tribes Service:

I can't rate the Tribes service high enough. It was excellent from start to finish and their patience was commendable!


Guides at the safari lodge were on the whole very good and very knowledgeable.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

Not sure we contributed as much as we could in all areas but wherever we could this holiday allowed us to.

The places you stayed

Trevoyan tea time

Trevoyan Guest House

South Africa

Lovely guesthouse in a brilliant location, The service was wonderful, the breakfast perfect and there was a real sense of thoughtfulness and caring here.

We stayed 3 nights at Trevoyan and our room (room 3) was quite central within the Guest House. It was a little on the small side and quite noisy in the morning so my advice would be if you're staying longer than one night, ask for a bigger room and away from the dining room.