Holiday review by Mr. Roderick Young

Name: Mr. Roderick Young

Date of trip: 02/12/2017

Number of people: 2

The walking tour of Quito. The high platforms at Sacha. The sea lions - gorgeous. Snorkelling with giant sea turtles - amazing.

  • Patio Andaluz


  • King room at Patio Andaluz


  • Courtyard restaurant at Patio Andaluz


  • Artwork at Patio Andaluz


  • Sacha Lodge


  • Sacha Lodge accommodation


  • Parrot at Sacha Lodge


  • Canopy walk at Sacha Lodge


  • Treasure of the Galapagos al fresco dining


  • Treasure of the Galapagos cruising


  • Twin cabin on Treasure of the Galapagos


  • Treasure of the Galapagos lounge


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Tribes Overall:

To be honest we were both a little underwhelmed. It didn't help that due to KLM problems we were stuck in Amsterdam for a day on our way out (our flights) and out of 8 flights, 6 of them were delayed so we spent an undue part of our holiday in airports. I think that, due to the hype, we were expecting to be blown away by the Amazon and Galapagos - and we weren't.

Tribes Service:

Very good apart from the confusion on the room at Patio Andaluz. I was expecting to have at least a window and preferably the room I'd requested, but what we got, after two days of travelling to get to Ecuador, was a room with 4 brick walls (and no windows at all).


The guide at Sacha was very good.

Our guide for the Otavalo day trip was ok but it was a lot of time in a vehicle for the highlight of a very quiet market (lovely stall holders though and we bought loads). Not a very interesting day.

Our guide for the walking tour of Quito was brilliant - one of our favourite days (and the last day of our trip).

The Galapagos guide was very good and worked hard to help us get the most out of our trip.

The places you stayed

Patio Andaluz

Patio Andaluz


Great location, nice building, lovely staff, good breakfast and great management who very kindly upgraded us at no cost to our preferred room at no cost for our total of 3 nights there (with some help from Tribes).

Sacha Lodge

Sacha Lodge


Lovely location on the lake, good accommodation, ok food.

The guide worked hard on the trips out but it wasn't that exciting. Highlights were the high walkway and, particularly, the "tree house" - both amazing.

Treasure of the Galapagos al fresco dining

Treasure of the Galapagos

Galapagos Islands

Lovely boat, good staff, nice food. Our toilet was quite smelly (not us!) and blocked up occasionally which we reported but others also had the same issues. The smell didn't improve.