Holiday review by Mr. Robert Hicklin

Name: Mr. Robert Hicklin

Date of trip: 14/11/2017

Number of people: 2

Espanola and Genovesa in general were especially incredible, you're basically trying not to tread on the wildlife, they're so packed. Fabulous. A young sea lion took quite a shine to my toes at one stage, and being buzzed by 3 7-foot white tips while snorkelling was quite an experience too!

  • La Casona de la Ronda interior


  • La Casona de la Ronda room


  • La Casona de la Ronda dining room


  • La Casona de la Ronda lounge


  • Beluga Galapagos Yacht


  • Beluga sun deck


  • Double cabin on Beluga


  • Beluga twin cabin


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Tribes Overall:

Utterly stunning trip. Out of this world etc. Wonderful.

Tribes Service:

Flawless and seamless process, it all went very smoothly.


David Paez was our guide, and he has a wonderful mix of knowledge, people skills and enthusiasm. Absolutely top notch.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

Good to buy stuff off local people, the water bottle given to us kept us all from using many plastic ones, and we all tried to keep the sites free form any litter or any evidence we'd been.

The places you stayed

La Casona de la Ronda interior

La Casona de la Ronda


Lovely place, just right. Nice big room, good food, great people.

Beluga Galapagos Yacht


Galapagos Islands

Super little boat, great crew, great guide. Spacious cabin (for a live aboard) too!